10 Forgotten Mystery Masterpieces

These lost tales of deadly plots, locked rooms, and serial killers on the loose deserve a top spot on your must-read list.

black mask magazine mystery masterpieces
Buy The Three Coffins at Amazon

The Three Coffins

By John Dickson Carr

Buy The Mysterious Mickey Finn at Amazon

The Mysterious Mickey Finn

By Elliot Paul

Buy Warrant for X at Amazon

Warrant for X

By Philip MacDonald

Buy You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up at Amazon

You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up

By Richard Hallas

Buy Nightmare in Manhattan at Amazon

Nightmare in Manhattan

By Thomas Walsh

Buy The Big Heat at Amazon

The Big Heat

By William P. McGivern

Buy Thank You, Mr. Moto at Amazon

Thank You, Mr. Moto

By John P. Marquand

Buy Was It Murder? at Amazon

Was It Murder?

By James Hilton

Buy Cat of Many Tails at Amazon

Cat of Many Tails

By Ellery Queen

Buy Night of the Jabberwock at Amazon

Night of the Jabberwock

By Frederic Brown