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Celebrate the Thrill of Pride Month With These Pulse-Pounding Novels

LGBTQ+ thrillers you won't be able to put down.

queer thriller books

While reading books with LGBTQ+ representation is important all year long, we especially want to highlight them during Pride month. Here are some of the best and most twisted thrillers to read all month long!


The Girls From Hush Cabin

By Marie Hoy-Kenny

This debut thriller is set in a summer camp and is full of secrets, lies, and murder. The story spans over a few days and follows four women trying to solve a murder case. When the four friends are reunited for the funeral of their camp counselor, dark truths and the past start to come out. 

The setting is atmospheric and creepy and full of secrets. This is a fun YA book that slowly shares information to build over time. It was a great popcorn thriller with good representation—perfect for summer!


Tell Me I'm Worthless

By Alison Rumfitt

Alice, Ila and Hannah spent a night in an abandoned house three years ago, and now Alice is tormented by memories of what happened that night. They decide to return to the house to face their demons. The story moves through time and perspectives to show the history of the characters and the house. 

This horrifying story talks about social justice, societal norms, and the complexity of friendship. The fear is visceral and there are important points made about being haunted by the ghosts of our past. There were great characters and a haunting narrative that weaved together into a terrifying fever dream. 



By James Han Mattson

This book was a fantastic narrative of social justice mixed with a chilling horror story. It was about a full-contact escape room in Lincoln Nebraska that brings guests from all over to compete for the grand prize. The book follows a few characters who competed in the escape room and the events before and after someone was killed. It was a completely unique premise and told from many points of view.

I loved this book. It was a scathing commentary on hate politics, racial injustice, capitalism, and our obsession with fear in entertainment. The poignant storyline mixed with the horror of the escape room created a book that I was unable to put down. I thought each character’s point of view was unique and interesting and added a lot to the story. The idea of the Quigley House was so interesting and told in such a scary way.

bath haus

Bath Haus

By P.J. Vernon

This book was twisted and juicy and everything I could have wanted. The book is about Oliver, a recovering drug addict with a seemingly comfortable life. His partner, Nathan, is a successful, but controlling, surgeon. Maybe that’s why when Nathan is out of town for a conference, Oliver decides to visit a steamy bath haus and see what else is out there. His decision quickly turns dangerous when he meets a man who wants to do him harm.

From the very beginning, Oliver is relatable and addicting to read about. I loved both he and Nathan’s characters and truly couldn’t put this book down. It had everything- lies, sex, scandal- all while actually being a thriller! And a thriller with fantastic representation and twists that don’t stop coming. This book shows you what it will be like from the second you glimpse the cover, and I couldn’t get enough.

They Never Learn by Layne Fargo

They Never Learn

By Layne Fargo

This book is about a feminist serial killer that starts the book off with a bang. Right from the beginning you know this book about woman’s rights and the very important topic of sexual assault and justice. Both Scarlett and Carly are amazing leading women that are crazy in the best way.

I enjoyed the way this story was written and how you knew what was happening from the very beginning. Scarlett was almost a Dexter-like character, bringing justice to the bad guys. The way the two stories mirror and play off each other was very well done and enjoyable to read. This book was dark in a great way and Fargo wasn’t afraid to really dig into the characters and their personalities. I loved how the thriller aspect gets amped up more and more as the story progresses. This book grabbed my attention from the first page to the last and I never felt that it was slowing down or getting boring.