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The Best Free and Discount Thriller Books You Can Download Now from Apple Books

Get the thrills.

free ibooks apple books

Heart-pounding action, breathtaking suspense, twisty tales that keep you guessing until the very end. The pull of a good thriller is undeniable—and all the better if scoring your next read doesn't break the bank. That’s why we rounded up the best free and discount thriller books you can download right now from Apple Books.

Apple Books is Apple’s new and improved version of iBooks. It boasts an array of killer tales—many of which are available for free. Whether you’re a special agent, a private investigator, or a small-town lawyer out for justice, we know you’ll love these riveting reads. 

Note: Prices are accurate as of publication, but may be subject to change. 

free ibooks apple books thrillers eleven

Eleven - $0.00

By Carolyn Arnold

Rookie profiler Brandon Fisher expected to encounter criminals and psychopaths when he joined the FBI. But it isn't until he steps into an underground bunker in Salt Lick, Kentucky that the nightmare springs to life: 10 victims, buried in a circular formation, with an empty grave waiting for its next body. Can Fisher find the killer before it's too late? Compared to Silence of the Lambs by many of its readers, Eleven is sure to thrill. 

free ibooks apple books thrillers silent girls

The Silent Girls - $2.99

By Eric Rickstad

Former detective Frank Rath hoped that handing over his badge and becoming a private investigator would lead to a quiet life, one where he could raise his daughter in peace. Then local police stumble upon an abandoned car on the side of the road with its owner nowhere to be found. As the mysterious disappearances pile up, Rath realizes that even in his woodsy corner of Vermont there lurks a dark and violent presence.  

free ibooks apple books thrillers before he kills

Before He Kills - $0.00

By Blake Pierce

A twisted killer prowls the cornfields of Nebraska, and his spree has just begun. Authorities discover the brutalized body of a woman, strung up on a pole. Detective Mackenzie White is charged with finding the killer—yet even fo her, the case seems impossible to crack.   

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free ibooks apple books thrillers malevolent

Malevolent - $0.00

By Jana DeLeon

Shaye Archer is a private investigator with a tragic past—a past that now motivates her to help her clients. When Emma Frederick reaches out, concerned that someone is stalking her, Shaye is sympathetic. Police dismiss her claims. But Shaye knows better, and she knows time is of the essence. 

free ibooks apple books thrillers hostile witness

Hostile Witness - $0.00

By Rebecca Forster

Former high-profile defense attorney Josie Bates is now a small-town lawyer, and pleased with the change of pace. That is, until the mother of 16-year-old Hannah Sheraton reaches out to her for help. Hannah has been arrested for the murder of her step-grandfather, a California Supreme Court justice. All evidence points to Hannah's guilt, yet Josie can't turn away—especially when Hannah is charged as an adult. 

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free ibooks apple books thrillers cop town karin slaughter

Cop Town - $2.99

By Karin Slaughter

Bestselling author Karin Slaughter is known the world over for her gripping Will Trent thrillers. In Cop Town she delivers a standalone novel set in 1974 Atlanta. A serial killer is on the prowl, targeting cops. With the city on edge, and the police force divided, it's up to rookie cop Kate Murphy and fellow female cop Maggie Lawson to catch the killer before he strikes again.

free ibooks apple books thrillers famished

Famished - $0.00

By Meghan O'Flynn

Ash Park, a shabby Detroit suburb, might not be everyone's idea of an ideal destination. Yet for Hannah Montgomery it's home. That is, until a killer begins targeting women who live in a shelter where Hannah volunteers. Then the killer turns to Hannah's boyfriend, murdering him in the same ruthless manner. 

free ibooks apple books thrillers in a cottage in a wood

In a Cottage in a Wood - $1.99

By Cass Green

Neve is startled to come upon a woman named Isabelle on Waterloo Bridge—and shocked when the woman hands Neve a parcel and then leaps into the frigid waters below. The chilling episode leads Neve to Isabelle's old cottage in Cornwall, where a dream home in the country soon becomes a twisted nightmare. 

free ibooks apple books thrillers darkness first

Darkness First - $2.99

By James Hayman

Detectives Maggie Savage and Michael McCabe are hunting a ghost. Despite a growing list of victims and a trail of blood that stretches across their sleepy coastal Maine town, nobody can point to the identity of the killer. The only one who may be of assistance is a young girl, who just vanished without a trace.