In Memory of Mystery Author Howard Engel, 1931-2019

The celebrated Canadian writer behind the Benny Cooperman mystery series has passed away at the age of 88.

howard engel benny cooperman
  • Photo Credit: Writers Trust of Canada

Explore Howard Engel's published work below, from his true crime narratives and standalone mysteries to his award-winning Benny Cooperman books.

Buy The Suicide Murders at Amazon

The Suicide Murders

By Howard Engel

Buy Getting Away with Murder at Amazon

Getting Away with Murder

By Howard Engel

Buy The Benny Cooperman Mysteries Volume One at Amazon

The Benny Cooperman Mysteries Volume One

By Howard Engel

Buy Mr. Doyle & Dr. Bell at Amazon

Mr. Doyle & Dr. Bell

By Howard Engel

Buy Crimes of Passion at Amazon

Crimes of Passion

By Howard Engel

Buy A Victim Must Be Found at Amazon

A Victim Must Be Found

By Howard Engel