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Lights, Camera, Thrills: Heart-Pounding Thrillers Written By Celebrities

The only things more thrilling than Hollywood are the books that come out of it. 

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Earlier in March, Amistad announced an upcoming two-book deal with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Jackson has had an impressive career, starting with his rise in music to producing several hit shows, including the Starz hit, Power. 

In addition, he’s already a New York Times bestselling author thanks to two non-fiction titles released in 2009 and 2020. This time, he’s making his crime thriller debut, partnering with award-winning mystery author, Aaron Philip Clark. 

Celebrity books aren’t new. But instead of sticking with the expected memoir, more and more are venturing away from fact and wading into fiction.

And honestly, it makes sense. From politics to entertainment, celebrities have a unique perspective of the world. Adding their experience and insights into these fictional worlds can create richer, more nuanced reader experiences, particularly when writing a thriller. 

The Accomplice is pitched as combining the suspense of S.A. Cosby’s novels with the high-tension takes of Money Heist. It follows the first Black female Texas Ranger, Nia Turner, as she investigates the robbery of the wealthiest family in the country.

Desmond Bell doesn’t just steal money. He robs the powerful of their secrets. The deeper she digs, the more bodies pile up around her.

But as dangerous as Desmond and the people he works for are, the family will do anything to protect their secrets—including killing both Nia and Desmond to ensure they stay buried. 

If that sounds like your kind of thriller, you’re going to have to wait until September 3 to dive in. You can pre-order below!

In the meantime, we've rounded up seven additional thrillers written by celebrities. 

The President Is Missing

The President Is Missing

By James Patterson

As enemies of America plan an attack, Washington is held in fear and uncertainty. The halls of government whisper that there’s a traitor in the cabinet. Is there a spy in their midst? How exactly will this attack unfold? It all builds until the President himself is a suspect. And then goes missing. 

With former President Clinton’s insight and experience, the most terrifying aspect of this novel is how plausible it is. After all, it could really happen. It’s a tantalizing thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. 

State of Terror

State of Terror

By Hillary Rodham Clinton, Louise Penny

Four years after America decided to step back from the world stage, a novice Secretary of State joins the administration of her rival. But when a series of terrorist attacks throws global order into disarray, it’s her job to put together a team and unravel the deadly conspiracy.

The deeper she gets, the more apparent it becomes that this threat could only exist with an out-of-touch government that has lost its power in all the places that count. 

With insights only an insider could provide, this high-stakes international thriller is perfect for anyone wanting behind-the-scenes glimpses into a global drama that could realistically unfold at any moment. 

The Gun Seller

The Gun Seller

By Hugh Laurie

Thomas Lang is an assassin with a flaw: his soft heart. So, when he’s hired to kill an American industrialist, he decides that warning the victim is fair play.

Only, no good deed goes unpunished. Within hours, he’s drawn into the center of a dangerous international conspiracy surrounded by terrorists, arms dealers, high-tech weapons, femme fatales, and the CIA. 

Turns out, playing a snarky doctor with all the answers isn’t all Hugh Laurie has up his sleeves. Fans of his work will delight in this laugh-out-loud novel filled with sex, intrigue, and violence. 

Truly Like Lightning

Truly Like Lightning

By David Duchovny

After the former Holly stuntman converted to Mormonism, Bronson Powers disappeared to homestead deep in the desert outside of Joshua Tree.

That’s where he’s lived for the past twenty years with his three wives and their ten children. But when an ambitious developer stumbles across their land, she devises a wager that triggers a series of events with deadly consequences. 

Truly Like Lightning is the fourth novel by the bestselling author and award-winning actor. Though the topic doesn’t include the extraterrestrial elements he rose to fame playing, the power of his narrative voice is compelling and addictive. 

Run, Rose, Run

Run, Rose, Run

By James Patterson

AnnieLee Keyes is a star on the rise. She’s also on the run. Her songs are rooted in leaving her hard life behind her. But not all history wants to stay in the past.

She’s coming back to Nashville to claim her destiny. Only, that’s exactly where the darkness she’s running from might find her. And if it does, destroy her. 

Another brilliant partner for the bestselling author, Dolly Parton brings her signature personality and decades of entertainment experience to a story that shines a light on the danger of being in the spotlight.

And in true Dolly fashion, there’s a companion album. 



By Krysten Ritter

Working as an environmental lawyer in Chicago, Abby Williams has spent ten years erasing all traces of her small-town upbringing. But when she’s assigned a new case, she’s finally forced to go home.

As she investigates, she finds connections to the town’s biggest scandal from a decade prior. One that ties Abby to her best friend—right before her friend disappeared. To solve her case, she has to find out what happened all those years ago.

And to do that, she threatens to expose the reputations of everyone in the community. But even worse, the truth might unleash a darkness that could consume her entirely. 

In a twisty thriller with a slow-burn intensity that Jessica Jones fans will devour, Ritter’s debut explores what happens when you’re desperate to run from a past that refuses to let you go. 

Central Park West: A Crime Novel

Central Park West: A Crime Novel

By James Comey

Federal prosecutor Nora Carleton has been working a case against a powerful mobster for years. When a witness finally comes forward that all but guarantees prison time, the mobster throws a wrench in Nora’s plans.

He has information on the assassination of the former New York governor who was assassinated in his apartment only days before. The information is solid but comes with a slew of complications. To find the truth, Nora has to face the dangers that come with corruption at the highest levels. 

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the former director of the FBI can write a dramatic but authentic crime thriller. The real-life details add layers to an unforgettable plot with shocking twists and characters that jump off the page. 

Featured image: Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash