The First Trailer for Widows Showcases a Cast to (Literally) Die For

Steve McQueen's latest arrives with a bang.

widows trailer
  • Photo Credit: Regency Enterprises

Adapted from a 1983 miniseries of the same name, Widows offers a new twist on a more traditional gangster film. At a time when people are hungry for thrillers and movies starring women kicking butt, Widows arrives to whet our appetite.

Narrated by Viola Davis, the trailer shows just how far these four characters will go to protect themselves and their families. It is clear that the four women, united by their husbands’ criminal leanings, tragic deaths, and debts, will do what it takes–and enthrall the audience along the way. Check out the trailer below.

Widows arrives in theaters on November 16th. Think you can wait that long?

Featured still from 'Widow' via Regency Enterprises

Published on 4 Jun 2018