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Cinematic Double Jeopardy: 8 of the Best Mystery & Thriller Movie Remakes

Who said you can't be charged for the same crime twice?

A still from the 2001 film 'Ocean's Eleven'
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It's no mystery that sometimes movies can be improved upon. Even if a movie hits screens in perfect condition, there's always a new angle or lens to see the story through.

Maybe switching out genders gives the plot a whole new outlook, or maybe some things are just more exciting to an audience if you spin them with a modern take.

Of course, not every remake is a winner. Luckily for you, we at Murder & Mayhem have pored through the offerings to deliver you the hits.

Here are eight of the best mystery and thriller movie remakes!

Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)

The original Assault on Precinct 13 came out in 1976, and featured Austin Stoker and Darwin Joston in the leading officer and inmate roles. Written, directed, and produced by the legendary John Carpenter, there's no wonder that the film became a beloved cult classic.

Was entirely necessary to do a remake? No. But the 2005 film by Jean-François Richet did a fairly good job of taking a hit and modernizing it. With Ethan Hawke and Lawrence Fisbourne in the leading roles, the film is hard to look away from. Some critics felt the remake read more like a Die Hard film than the artful cinematic story Carpenter had crafted.

Still, with the original pulling a 7.3 IMDb rating and the remake coming in at a 6.3, it's definitely one of the best remakes of the thriller genre.

His Girl Friday (1941)

In 1931, the film The Front Page, based off the stageplay of the same name, hit movie screens. This black comedy follows a newspaper editor (Adolphe Menjou) and his star reporter (Pat O'Brien) investigating the anarchist murder of a policeman.

Retitled His Girl Friday, the 1940 remake switches the reporters gender, adding romantic tensions between the leading roles. Plus, the film stars Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, so of course it's a great watch.

Though the original film scored a respectable 6.7 on IMDb, the remake brought in a score of 7.8.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

Written, directed, and produced by the film's leading man, H. B. Halicki, the original Gone in 60 Seconds came out in 1974. An independent film through and through, the plot focused on a group of car thieves who must steal 48 cars in five days to earn a huge payout.

Getting a production company and a bigger budget behind itself, the Gone in 60 Seconds from 2000 starred Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie. Taking the barebones of the plot from the original, this one requires a car thief to steal 50 cars within three days in order to save his brother's life.

Despite the increased budget and star-power cast, the remake has a 6.5 rating on IMDb, while the original comes in close behind at 6.3.

The Italian Job (2003)

The 1969 film is a comedic caper movie starring Michael Caine, Noël Coward, Benny Hill, Raf Vallone, and Tony Beckley. The plot follows Charlie Croker (Caine), a recently released convict who assembles gang to steal a cache of gold from an armored truck in Italy.

Though it shares the same name, the 2003 remake is only loosely inspired by the plot of the original film. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Seth Green, Jason Statham, Mos Def, Franky G, and Donald Sutherland, this film follows an eclectic crew out to steal gold from an old associate that double-crossed them.

The 1969 has the winning rating of 7.2 on IMDb, but the edgier remake isn't far behind with a 7.0.

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

In 1934, Alfred Hitchcock directed The Man Who Knew Too Much. In 1956, well, he did it again.

The original followed a plot centered around a British couple visiting Switzerland who get tangled up in international intrigue when their daughter is kidnapped. The remake, starring James Stewart and Doris Day, follows an American doctor and his wife who are pulled into international trouble after their son is kidnapped in Morocco.

Hitchcock himself is quoted as saying, "Let's say the first version is the work of a talented amateur and the second was made by a professional." As for IMDb, the 1934 film has a 6.7 rating, while the 1956 film boasts a 7.4.

Casino Royale (2006)

In 1967, the Ian Fleming novel Casino Royale was turned into a parody film of the same name.  In the film, an older James Bond (David Niven) comes out of retirement to investigate the disappearances of several international spies, taking on the looming threat of SMERSH.

In 2006, Daniel Craig stepped into 007's shoes in a more serious remake of the material. Having just earned his 00 status, Bond sets out on his first mission: using a high-stakes game of power to take down a banker funding terrorism.

The 1967 spoof has a 5.0 rating on IMDb, while, unsurprisingly, the thriller remake has an impressive 8.0.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

In 1964, Bedtime Story was a rousing comedy starring Marlon Brando, David Niven, and Shirley Jones. The film followed two con artists who preyed on women in the Mediterranean. When the scammers butt heads, they devise a competition to see who the better crook is.

The story was remade in 1988 with the title Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine, the plot is similar to the original, though it takes place along the French Riviera.

While the 1964 original has a notable 6.7 rating on IMDb, the remake pulls in front with a 7.4.

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

The 1960 film boasts an incredible cast in five members of the Rat Pack: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop.  Gathered together by Danny Ocean (Sinatra), a group of 11 pals scheme to rob five different Las Vegas Casinos in one night.

Maybe the 2001 film didn't have the Rat Pack, but there's no denying the star power of George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy García, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts. In this film, Danny Ocean (Clooney) is a little less ambitious, hoping to rob three Las Vegas casinos in one night.

On IMDb, the 1960 version has a rating of 6.5. The remake seems to blow it out of the water with a 7.7.