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Mysteries Are Brewing in These Cozy Coffee House Series

Grounds for murder.

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  • Photo Credit: Featured photo: Julia Florczak / Unsplash

It’s September and we know what that all means! It’s Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) time! Nothing feels more like autumn than sipping a nice warm cup of coffee—however you prefer it. Throw in a comfy chair or couch, a big picture window to watch the leaves fall, and naturally a good book. Even better, that book can be about coffee shops and murder.

To celebrate PSL season, we have put together a list of six mystery cozies that feature coffee shops in some way.

vinyl resting place olivia blacke

Vinyl Resting Place

By Olivia Blacke

Records and coffee go together like the notes of the Blues scale. The newly opened Sip & Spin Records is meant to be a place for people to enjoy and share their love of music and have a great punny coffee drink to go. That’s what Juni Jessup and her sisters are hoping. But at their great store opening, they find a body in the supply closet and their uncle is public enemy number one. Not only does Juni have to figure out her place back at home after being away for several years as well as learn how to run a business, but she now has to clear her uncle’s name, and maybe find some romance… A Fatal Groove just came out in the Record Shop Mystery with the third book Rhythm and Clues coming out next year.


Death Before Decaf: A Java Jive Mystery

By Caroline Fardig

Things seem to keep going from bad to worse for former singer, Juliet Langley. Her music career went bust; her heartbreak and financial misfortune caused her to close her cafe. Now she’s helping her friend Pete to manage his coffeehouse in Nashville, where she worked in college, while he lives the musician dream. But the coffee shop is not running smoothly. And worst of all, Juliet has found the dead body of a cook in the dumpster in the alley and everyone thinks she’s the murderer. Now she’ll have to clear her name and figure out how to turn the coffeehouse around. It’s the first in the five-book A Java Jive Mystery series.


Scene of the Grind

By Tonya Kappes

Roxanne “Roxie” Davis is starting on a new foot and opening her coffee house The Bean Hive in Honey Springs. She has fond memories of the town where she spent time with her Aunt Maxi.  Even more intriguing is her former crush who has been working on the renovations for the coffee shop. But when the owner of the local bookstore is found poisoned, all signs point to a donut that Aunt Maxi gave her. Now, Roxie is on a mission to save her aunt. Will she find the murderer and/or love along the way? There are twelve regular books and one crossover in the Killer Coffee series.


Death by Coffee

By Alex Erickson

Books and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s even better that Krissy Hancock and her BFF are opening a bookstore/coffee shop together. But peanut butter isn’t for everyone.

Especially Brendon Lawyer who dies from a peanut allergy after he drank his coffee (and being a generally unpleasant customer all around). Who knew someone would take their store’s name so literally? So to save their reputation, Krissy decides she has to find out who hated Brendon so much that they wanted him dead. There are 11 books so far and one novella in the Bookstore Cafe Mystery series. (And book three is named Death by Pumpkin Spice!)


Meows & Murder

By Patti Benning

Here’s one for the fantasy mystery fans. When her grandmother passed away, coffee shop owner Lorelei French inherited her special cat named Latte. At least that’s what everyone at her grandmother’s former nursing home said. She certainly didn’t have any idea how special the cat would be. Latte can predict people’s deaths. But Lorelei especially didn’t expect Latte to predict murder. When her neighbor dies in the middle of the night, Lorelei decides she has to solve their murder and try to prevent other deaths. It’s the first in the seven-book Latte Mewsings Series.


Grounds for Murder

By Tara Lush

It’s not only coffee that can boil over. Tempers can too. Lana Lewis lost her cool at her former employee, Fab Belluci, of her father’s coffee shop, Perkatory, who had just quit and joined her competitor right before a big Barista Championship in Florida. This was supposed to be her start. But Lana gets into even more hot water when his body is found in the alley behind her shop the next day. Was it suicide or was it one of Fab’s jilted lovers, a list as long as a telephone book? Now Lana has to figure out who wanted her former employee dead, clear her name, and win the championship. It’s the first in the three-book and one novella A Coffee Lover’s Mystery series with book 4, A Bean to Die For, coming out in 2024.

Featured photo: Julia Florczak / Unsplash