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9 Titillating Erotic Paranormal Suspense Books

Explore some otherworldly tensions...

erotic paranormal suspense books
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  • Photo Credit: "Monster's Temptation" by C.R. Jane & Mila Young

When it comes to fear, generally you do three things: fight, flight, or freeze. Or, according to Holly Black, sometimes, you want to use another NSFW F-word to overcome them. She might have a point.

Demons, monsters, vampires, fae—they’re all terrifying. And more than a little sexy. They have everything we’re drawn to: power, mystery, a tragic flaw that makes them irresistible. It’s like Mr. Darcy, but a bad boy. We literally can’t help but want more.

Add in a little danger, and it’s no wonder erotic paranormal suspense books are flying off the shelves. If you’ve been wanting to add some spice to your life, here are nine books to get you started.

her soul to take

Her Soul to Take

By Harley Laroux

Leon earned his reputation as a killer. After all, when it comes to magicians, one wrong move means you’re dead. Killing is what he’s good at. Except for one girl he should have killed, but didn’t.

Rae didn’t mean to summon a demon. She only wanted to hunt ghosts in the woods. Instead, she woke up something evil. Something that wants her. Her only shot at survival is Leon. But he wants more than her heart, more than her body—he wants her soul.

monster's temptation

Monster’s Temptation

By C.R. Jane & Mila Young

Blake might be going crazy. She’s locked in an asylum, after all, haunted by dreams where monsters worship her body only to leave her unsatisfied at dawn. Her doctor wants her to take her meds, to forget the lust and learn to live a normal life. And eventually, she gives in. But just when life starts to become normal, he comes for her: the Monster King. Her dreams were never mere dreams. They were always real. And the Monster King promises if she comes back, he’ll show her things she’s never dreamed before.

jack's head

Jack’s Head

By Siggy Shade

Everyone knows if you go out on Halloween night, the Headless Horseman will hunt you down. But when Bess’ fiance gives her an unthinkable ultimatum, she does exactly that. And finds herself in Headless Jack’s arms. He also gives her an ultimatum: Satisify him and she lives. Fail and she dies. 

believe it or knot

Believe It or Knot

By Harper Wylde

Demi would rather be without a pack than continue to let the Alphas abuse her. She’s not a punching bag or a breeding machine, and she’d rather die than ever go back. She finds herself in small town Vermont, but when she runs into an Alpha of a different pack on the street, an unexpected heat has her body screaming for him—and all six of his pack.

She knows she should run, that her old pack will never let her go.  But this new pack is different. They want to help. They want to keep her safe. They want to make her theirs. If she runs, she might save them all. The only question is: can she tear herself away?

calling on the reaper

Calling on the Reaper

By Haley Tyler

The Grim Reaper has one job: collect souls. But he couldn’t. Not hers. He took her abusers instead, and faced exile for it. Now, he’s back. He wants to hate her, wants to hate how she keeps putting her life in danger just so she can see him. She’s playing with Death. And why not? He's obsessed with her. But when her games catch a stalker’s eye and a serial killer is on the loose, they may end up together sooner than they both realize. 


Dark Lover

By J.R. Ward

As the last pure-blood vampire left, Wrath wants nothing more than to settle the score against the slayers who killed his parents centuries ago. But war is long, and vengeance takes time. When his most trusted fighter is killed, the man begs Wrath to take in his half-breed daughter—one who doesn’t know their world exists.

Wrath frightens Beth. She doesn’t know what to make of his stories of the Brotherhood and blood. But he wakes a restlessness she’s never known. He ignites her body with a single touch. Their hunger for each other may be the most dangerous thing Wrath has ever faced, and if they give in, it may cost them both everything.



By Laurann Dohner

Ellie never dreamed her company was doing illegal experiments. It turns out they’ve spliced human DNA with animals, creating hybrid creatures. One in particular has caught her eye, and she’ll do anything to save him. Even if he hates her for it.

Fury has only ever known pain and abuse in a cage. Except for one woman, who betrays him when she frees him. Set on revenge, he hunts her down, swearing he won’t rest until he ends her life. But when he finally catches her, killing her is the last thing on his mind.

Loving Fury is easy. Taming him may be impossible.


Pleasure Unbound

By Larissa Ione

Tayla Mancuso slays demons. It’s all she’s good at. She’s afraid it's all she’ll ever know, especially when pleasure and satisfaction have always been so distant. But when she ends up in a hospital run by demons in disguise, the head doctor awakens something in her she never knew existed.

He wants to keep her at a distance. She’s dangerous. Deadly. And if he doesn’t find his mate soon, he’ll undergo a horrific transformation. To prove her loyalty to her people, Tayla has to betray the doctor who saved her. But they may be they key to unlocking the others deepest desires.

slave to sensation

Slave to Sensation

By Nalini Singh

The ruling Psy deny emotions and punish any sign of desire. It takes all Sascha Duncan has to hide the feelings that make her flawed. If she’s caught, she’ll face rehabilitation—the psychic erasure of everything she is.

Lucas Hunter is a Changeling. His kind crave everything the Psy despise. The species have co-existed in an uneasy state for centuries, but after several Changeling women are murdered, the threat of war is closer than ever before. Lucas is determined to find who killed his packmate, and cold Sascha may be his way in. But there’s more to Sascha than meets the eye.

If they give into temptation, they sacrifice everything. The only question is, can they stay apart?