15 Forgotten Female Mystery Writers from the Golden Age and Beyond

The Queens of Crime weren't the only women writing during the Golden Age.

  • Photo Credit: Alchetron, Wikimedia Commons, & Pixabay

Patricia Wentworth


Anne Belinda

By Patricia Wentworth

Marie Belloc Lowndes


The Lodger

By Marie Belloc Lowndes

Christianna Brand


Death of Jezebel

By Christianna Brand

Mary Roberts Rinehart


The Circular Staircase

By Mary Roberts Rinehart

Josephine Bell

josephine bell golden age mystery writers

Easy Prey

By Josephine Bell

Dorothy Bowers

female golden age mystery writers

Fear and Miss Betony

By Dorothy Bowers

Joanna Cannan

female golden age writers

They Rang up the Police

By Joanna Cannan

Elizabeth Daly

female mystery writers

Somewhere in the House

By Elizabeth Daly

Georgette Heyer

female mystery writers

Footsteps in the Dark

By Georgette Heyer

E.C.R. Lorac

female mystery writers

Murder by Matchlight

By E.C.R. Lorac

Harriet Rutland

female golden age writers

Knock, Murderer, Knock!

By Harriet Rutland

Josephine Tey

female golden age writers

The Daughter of Time

By Josephine Tey

Ethel Lina White

female golden age mystery writers

Fear Stalks the Village

By Ethel Lina White

Elizabeth Ferrars

forgotten female mystery writers

Give a Corpse a Bad Name

By Elizabeth Ferrars

Elspeth Huxley


Murder on Safari

By Elspeth Huxley