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4 Free Books to Read in April 2024 for Mystery, Thriller, and Crime Fans

Solve crimes with these mystery and thriller ebooks—free, this month only.

reading cozy ebooks while cozy

Those of us who are voracious readers can never get our fill. There is always some intriguing new mystery or riveting new thriller to devour and an endless stream of new releases to add to our reading wish lists.

But sometimes you just crave a classic. These are the books that created the scaffolding for the genres we know and love—and they are just darn good.

Every month, we’re bringing you a selection of free books to read that are perfect for all you timeless sleuths out there—lovers of all things mysterious and thrilling.

A Difficult Problem

A Difficult Problem

By Anna Katharine Green

Anna Katharine Green, hailed as the progenitor of detective fiction, imbues her stories with a quintessentially American flair and meticulous legal accuracy.

In "The Bronze Hand," set in pre-Civil War Baltimore, a man becomes entangled in a perilous conspiracy after aiding a distressed woman.

"The Gray Madam" follows a couple questioning the appearance of a spectral woman in their midst, while the titular tale sees a woman seeking a detective's aid upon receiving contradictory letters regarding her husband's fate.

A must-read classic. 

The Wicked Marquis

The Wicked Marquis

By E. Phillips Oppenheim

From his lofty perch at Mandeleys, the marquis overlooks his vast domain, save for a humble cottage owned by Richard Vont, a long-standing tenant who refuses to yield.

Having once taken Vont's daughter, Marcia, under his wing, the marquis inadvertently left her father embittered. 

ow, Vont seeks revenge, aided by an American mercenary, as doubts arise regarding the righteousness of his anger and the loyalty of his ally. Despite the marquis' potential innocence, his life may already be in jeopardy.

The Poisoned Pen

The Poisoned Pen

By Arthur B. Reeve

The New York City police turn to Columbia University's Professor Craig Kennedy for his unmatched intellect and technological prowess when faced with perplexing mysteries.

When not teaching chemistry, Kennedy tackles the city's most sinister criminals.

In "The Confidence King," he confronts a master thief skilled in counterfeiting, while in "The Firebug," he halts an arson wave using handwriting analysis. In the title tale, an unexpected remedy for cyanide poisoning proves both effective and perilous.

Originally featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, Kennedy gained fame as the "American Sherlock Holmes" for his scientific detective exploits during the early twentieth century.

The Night of the Long Knives

The Night of the Long Knives

By Fritz Leiber

In the ravaged Deathlands, Ray is a formidable survivor, armed and distrusting as he scours for essentials.

When Alice enters his world, equally cautious yet nonviolent, they reluctantly form an alliance.

However, their resolve is challenged when an ex-homicidal maniac presents them with a glimmer of hope, pushing their limits of endurance and morality.