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4 Free eBooks to Read in July 2024 for Mystery, Thriller, and Crime Fans

Solve crimes with these mystery ebooks—free, this month only.

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Those of us who are voracious readers can never get our fill. There is always some intriguing new mystery or riveting new thriller to devour and an endless stream of new releases to add to our reading wish lists.

But sometimes you just crave a classic. These are the books that created the scaffolding for the genres we know and love—and they are just darn good.

Every month, we’re bringing you a selection of free books to read that are perfect for all you timeless sleuths out there—lovers of all things mysterious and thrilling.

R. Holmes & Co.

R. Holmes & Co.

By John Kendrick Bangs

Raffles Holmes, born of Sherlock Holmes and A. J. Raffles, embodies a unique blend of larceny and detective skills. His ambitions pivot on profit, primarily through selling tales of his exploits—feats that often blur the line between solving crimes and committing them.

A dashing hero, he wrestles with his legacy, whether he's reclaiming stolen treasures or donning the mantle of a bandit to aid others, proving himself a worthy scion of his renowned lineage.

The Haunted Bookshop

The Haunted Bookshop

By Christopher Morley

Aubrey Gilbert visits the Haunted Bookshop to pitch his advertising skills but finds more intrigue than business.

Discovering Titania Chapman, the daughter of a key client, working there, Aubrey returns and encounters a series of bizarre incidents: an attack, a vanishing book, and suspicious figures lurking nearby.

Initially suspecting the bookstore’s owner, Roger Mifflin, of foul play involving Titania, Aubrey soon uncovers a darker and more elaborate conspiracy.

The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt

The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt

By Arthur Morrison

Private detective Martin Hewitt tackles a series of perplexing cases: an artist murdered after his work is destroyed, gold bullion missing from a sinking ship, a bank clerk vanishing with company funds, and a terrified Frenchman whose fear of bread baffles.

With a knack for disguise and a keen eye for overlooked details, Hewitt outshines even Sherlock Holmes in unraveling these mysteries, as recounted by his friend Mr. Brett in thrilling tales of deductive brilliance.

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

By Fergus Hume

In the early morning, two men enter a hansom cab; when one exits, the driver continues with the other, only to find him dead upon arrival.

Detective Samuel Gorby thinks identifying the passengers will solve the crime, but his rival Kilsip and Defense Attorney Duncan Calton see deeper complexities. Their investigation unravels a series of eerie twists, leading them into unforeseen dark secrets.

Fergus Hume’s The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, acclaimed for its atmosphere, plot, characters, and depiction of gold-rush-era Melbourne, was a global hit—outselling classic mysteries and earning a spot among the top 100 crime stories by The Sunday Times.