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4 Free Books to Read in May 2024 for Mystery, Thriller, and Crime Fans

Solve crimes with these mystery and thriller ebooks—free, this month only.

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Those of us who are voracious readers can never get our fill. There is always some intriguing new mystery or riveting new thriller to devour and an endless stream of new releases to add to our reading wish lists.

But sometimes you just crave a classic. These are the books that created the scaffolding for the genres we know and love—and they are just darn good.

Every month, we’re bringing you a selection of free books to read that are perfect for all you timeless sleuths out there—lovers of all things mysterious and thrilling.

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

By Vincent Starrett

In the legendary boarding house at 221B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes, aided by his faithful companion Dr. Watson, unravels one impossible mystery after another, from the iconic “Hound of the Baskervilles” to lesser-known cases like “The Tired Captain” and “The Aluminum Crutch.”

Vincent Starrett's exploration of Holmes's secret case files in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes offers captivating insights into the world's greatest detective, enriched by Starrett's meticulous research and infectious enthusiasm as a founding member of the Baker Street Irregulars.

Trial of Dr. Pritchard

Trial of Dr. Pritchard

By William Roughead, R. E. Pritchard

This gripping narrative delves into the notorious Victorian murder trial that rocked Scotland, culminating in Glasgow's final public execution. Dr. Edward William Pritchard was accused in 1865 of poisoning his wife and mother-in-law, Mary Jane, and her mother. \

As revelations of Pritchard's scandalous history, infidelity, and past suspicions emerged during the trial, he was ultimately convicted and sentenced to death by hanging in Glasgow Green.

The Secret of the Old Mill

The Secret of the Old Mill

By Franklin W. Dixon

In the third installment of the beloved children’s mystery series, the Hardy Boys find themselves in peril during their investigation at an ancient mill. Suspecting a link between counterfeit money circulating in their town and strange occurrences at the mill, Frank and Joe Hardy face danger head-on.

Their determination to solve the mystery intensifies despite near-fatal sabotage on their speedboat and their father's absence on a confidential assignment.

The Mystery of Mary

The Mystery of Mary

By Grace Livingston Hill

After being approached by a distressed young woman upon arriving at the train station, Tryon Dunham spends a night in her company to ensure her safety before she vanishes on a train to Chicago.

Left with only memories of her beauty, talent, and the name Mary, Tryon impulsively travels to Chicago, determined to find her, shield her from danger—and uncover the truth behind her sudden disappearance.