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Everything There is to Know About the Hulu Reboot of The Hardy Boys

Mysticism and mystery plague these two young brothers.

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If you thought the era of dark and gritty reboots was over, think again. Hulu's 2020 reboot of the popular book series The Hardy Boys—adapted for television six previous times, first beginning in the 1950s—is the next to bring an edge to a beloved classic. This crime streaming series was released on December 4th, and contains thirteen episodes full of action, tragedy, and mystery set in a nostalgic 80s landscape.

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Following the tragic death of their mother, 16-year-old Frank (portrayed by Rohan Campbell) and 12-year-old Joe (Alexander Elliot) are brought to small-town Bridgeport to spend the summer. What finds them isn't a reprieve from their grief, but rather an all-encompassing mystery that twists through the arc of the entire season. As the boys are stuck staying with their Aunt Trudy (Bea Santos), their dad (James Tupper)—a detective—swans off on an ominous missing persons case. But a recently uncovered artifact with allegedly dangerous powers draws Frank and Joe into their own puzzle-filled mystery.

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The Hard Boys embraces mysticism with open arms, leading Frank and Joe through a series of complicated ciphers and perplexing clues. Using their father's detective manual as a justification for their investigative prowess, the brothers plunge into the dark secrets of Bridgeport with their new friends—Callie Shaw (Keana Lyn), Jesse Hooper (Jennifer Hsiung), Chet Morton (Adam Swain), and more—by their side. But the town is reticent to admit there are any problems beneath the surface, and what they uncover may be a link to their mother's death.

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The series contains an array of outlandish villains, ranging from a charismatic thief to a towering assassin. And while The Hardy Boys presents relatively low stakes with its lack of bloodshed, it offers plenty of twists, intrigue and personal drama. Fans of the source material will appreciate the nods to the original text—as well as the creative way the reboot has managed to stray and evolve.

For more information, check out the gripping trailer below!

Featured image of "The Hardy Boys" via Hulu.