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This Riveting Book About Family Secrets is the Thriller of a Lifetime

Bradeigh Godfrey’s debut novel Imposter is a must-read for suspense junkies.

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Imposter follows two sisters, once close as can be, the story picks up three years after the unthinkable happened and we’re introduced to a new Lilian and Rosie. Their relationship was changed for good with the untimely death of their parents. When Rosie reaches out to her big sister after their estrangement, she says she has a secret to share. But right when she’s about to tell Lilian, tragedy strikes again—this time, a car accident that leaves Lilian unscathed and Rosie with a traumatic brain injury. Lilian must now cope with her belief that this was no accident—and she tries to uncover Rosie’s secret.

Author Bradeigh Godfrey has insider knowledge of brain injury.  A working physician specializing in rehabilitation for patients with neurological conditions, Godfrey herself suffered severe neurologic and musculoskeletal injuries. “They’ve [her patients] already gotten the news, or had the surgery, or received the prognosis from another physician, and I get to come in and talk about what comes next: how we can get them back to doing the things they love?” Godfrey said. “ I get to be a voice of hope after the Worst Thing has happened, and talk about how to maximize quality of life, improve function, and live with this new disability or diagnosis. It can be simultaneously heartbreaking and hopeful to work in this field, but it is always a privilege to be part of this journey with my patients.” Truly inspirational.



By Bradeigh Godfrey

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Two sisters, a lifetime of secrets

Lilian and Rosie were once the closest of sisters, but the untimely death of their parents pulled them apart. Now, three years on, Rosie has reached out to her big sister, asking to meet. Driving on an icy road in the middle of a snowstorm, Rosie admits that she has something important to tell Lilian—a secret she describes as a matter of life and death. But before she has a chance to tell Lilian, a car careens into theirs, with devastating consequences.

Lilian survives unscathed, but Rosie is left with a traumatic brain injury, unable to communicate. Lilian is convinced that someone deliberately rammed Rosie's car. But why? As Lilian begins to explore her sister's past, she uncovers disturbing secrets that make her question if she ever really knew Rosie.

The closer Lilian comes to the truth, the more danger she and Rosie find themselves in. But Lilian is certain of one thing: she abandoned her little sister once before and will never do so again. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

The idea that eventually became Imposter had been floating around in Godfrey’s mind for a while before it came together as a story. “For a few years, I had a scene in my mind about a car crash leading to a severe brain injury in one character that prevents her from telling another character about a crucial secret,” she said. “But I didn’t know where to go from there.” When Godfrey learned about Capgras syndrome—a rare neurological disease that causes the inflicted to believe that someone close to them has been replaced with an imposter—the final click in Imposter settled into place.

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Imposter’s Lilian and Rosie are deeply intertwined, but struggle to truly understand each other because of Rosie’s neurological condition. Lilian doesn’t know Rosie’s secret, Rosie believes Lilian has been replaced with an identical imposter, and on top of everything, Lilian struggles to balance the demands of her work as a pediatrician and responsibilities as a new mother.

It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s a must-read. Imposter deals with family trauma, dark secrets, the unique challenges of working parents, and the desire to fix broken relationships. Bradeigh Godfrey doesn’t miss with this thrilling debut.

“I just hope everyone enjoys the ride!” Godfrey said. With all of the twists and turns and secrets to uncover, we’re confident that you won’t be able to put this one down.

imposter by bradeigh godfrey


By Bradeigh Godfrey