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10 Tantalizing New Mystery and Thriller Books Coming in January 2024

New year, new books.

new mystery and thriller books january 2024

It’s a new year, and with it comes a slew of new mysteries and thrillers to read! Now that you’ve written out your reading goals and resolutions for the year ahead, it’s time to start reading.

Luckily, there is no shortage of books being published each month. There’s always something new and exciting to read—new clues to follow and fresh mysteries to solve!

Here is a list of some of the best mystery and thriller books coming out this January 2024.

rabbit hole by kate brody

Rabbit Hole

By Kate Brody

Ten years after her sister's unsolved disappearance and their father's suicide, Teddy Angstrom delves into the online obsession her father had with her sister's case, plunging into a Reddit community. As she investigates, Teddy's relationships strain, and her fixation on a charming sleuth blurs her moral boundaries.

In a desperate quest for answers, Teddy battles with her sanity, driven by grief, in Rabbit Hole, a gripping critique of online voyeurism and an intense mystery fueled by loss.

first lie wins by ashley elston

First Lie Wins

By Ashley Elston

Assigned a new identity—Evie Porter—by her boss, the elusive Mr. Smith, she gets to work researching her new town and her mark: Ryan Sumner. As she becomes entangled in the town and Ryan’s life, Evie finds herself questioning her path—especially when her true identity unexpectedly resurfaces. Determined to evade her past while navigating an uncertain future, Evie must tread carefully to ensure her survival in this high-stakes challenge…

Not Dead Enough by Tyffany D. Neiheiser

Not Dead Enough

By Tiffany D. Neiheiser

Charlotte, grappling with surviving a fatal car crash that claimed her boyfriend's life, strives to return to normalcy while battling PTSD and concealing the truth. As she reconnects with friends, she receives threatening messages supposedly from Jerry, prompting her to question reality.

In Not Dead Enough, debut author Tyffany D. Neiheiser explores trauma, highlighting Charlotte's struggle to evade the past, only to confront it in chilling ways. A compelling narrative for fans of Courtney Summers and Kathleen Glasgow, featuring an included author's note.

everyone on the train is a suspect

Everyone on the Train is a Suspect

By Benjamin Stevenson

Join Ernest Cunningham in an uproarious locked-room train mystery, perfect for fans of Richard Osman and Anthony Horowitz. Amidst mystery writers, agents, and editors, solving a murder becomes a baffling challenge when every suspect is an expert at evading justice. From the author of the indie hit Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone, this fiendishly fun tale promises a witty and thrilling ride.

silent judgment by zaire crown

Silent Judgment

By Zaire Crown

In Zaire Crown's gripping urban thriller, Silence—Detroit's notorious street executioner—finds himself guarding a polarizing Black conservative amidst escalating conflicts, all while battling his own inner demons and addiction. Exploring themes of right-wing radicalism in the African American community, this gritty narrative, reminiscent of JaQuavis Coleman and Alex Segura, delves into brutal factions and personal turmoil.

Skin o' My Tooth

Skin o' My Tooth

By Baroness Orczy

Discover twelve captivating mystery tales featuring the unconventional sleuth Patrick Mulligan, a lawyer and amateur detective with few friends but plenty of clients. From the author of The Scarlet Pimpernel, this released collection of short stories—first published in 1928—showcases Mulligan's sharp intellect, wit, and determination to uncover truth, safeguard the innocent, and bring the guilty to justice.

You Beneath Your Skin

You Beneath Your Skin

By Damyanti Biswas

With his debut novel, the acclaimed author of the Blue Mumbai Thrillers, whose work has been optioned for a series by Endemol Shine India, introduces You Beneath Your Skin. Set in New Delhi, the story follows Anjali Morgan, a psychiatrist entangled in a secret affair with a high-ranking police official, as a serial killer preys on vulnerable women. Amidst the city's diverse social strata, Anjali's worlds collide, leading to unforeseen and dramatic consequences.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari

By Peter Riva

After years of making challenging documentaries together, producer Pero Baltazar, camerawoman Nancy Breiton, and guide Mbuno Waliangulu embark on a peaceful East African safari. However, their journey takes a dangerous turn when they encounter ivory poachers—whose illicit sales are funding terrorists. Determined to protect a migrating herd of elephants, they confront a network of corruption spanning United Nations camps, Chinese gangs, and Iranian elite forces. With odds stacked against them, their survival hinges on Pero's CIA ties and Mbuno's bush expertise in this gripping struggle to safeguard wildlife—and their own lives.

dream town by lee goldberg

Dream Town

By Lee Goldberg

When a devastating wildfire uncovers the remains of a long-missing woman in the Santa Monica Mountains, Eve Ronin—the young and determined homicide detective of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department—takes on the case. As she delves into the haunting secrets revealed by the bones, Eve faces distrust and dangers—realizing that uncovering the truth about the forgotten dead might jeopardize not only the case but also her own life.

the sign of four spirits

The Sign of Four Spirits

By Vicki Delaney

When Gemma Doyle reluctantly attends a psychic fair in West London with friends, she unexpectedly gets barred from a séance that ends in murder. With eerie circumstances pointing to a locked-room mystery, Gemma becomes entangled in another puzzling case at her Sherlock Holmes Bookshop. As she investigates, she must discern whether the killer is mortal or if dark forces from beyond are at play.