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This Haunting New Psychological Thriller Will Be Your Next Obsession

A curse plagues an isolated boarding school in Sara Faring’s The Tenth Girl.

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  • Photo Credit: Fabian Irsara / Unsplash

With fall fast approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on mysteries and thrillers to get you through the spooky season. And there’s one book in particular that we can’t wait to get our hands on: The Tenth Girl, an atmospheric new YA thriller that promises to be as dark and chilling as the late-autumn weather. A modern twist on Gothic fiction, The Tenth Girl is also a psychological thriller and a ghost story—all wrapped up into one engrossing read.

The story centers on Mavi, a young woman lost in 1970s Argentina. Originally from Buenos Aires, Mavi is forced to flee her home town after the militant government regime persecutes her mother, causing Mavi to fear for her own safety. To start anew, Mavi relies on old family connections. She relocates to Patagonia, the isolated region at the far southern end of South America, where she finds work at the prestigious Vaccaro School teaching the daughters of Argentina’s elite class.

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But darkness looms, and Mavi soon learns that Vaccaro School is notorious for all the wrong reasons. Legend has it that the indigenous people of Patagonia put a curse on the land to punish the settlers who exploited them. The school does little to dispel the strange rumors swirling around it; on the contrary, the cold matriarch enforces the odd policy of forbidding students and teachers alike from venturing out of their rooms at night. Worst of all, one of Mavi’s 10 students is missing.

As Mavi’s fear mounts, she learns that the dark hallways of the school are teeming with spirits—vengeful beings that refuse to be ignored, and might even be in possession of her darkest secret.

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Hypable hails Faring's The Tenth Girl as "a hauntingly good read, full of terror and mystery" while bestselling author Rory Power calls it "layered and challenging, and full to bursting with intelligence." Simmering with modern thrills and ancient myths, it's sure to keep you reading long into the night. Watch the book trailer below to get a taste of the supernatural suspense that awaits. Then order The Tenth Girl and embark on a truly twisted journey down the haunted halls of Vaccaro School.

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Featured photo: Fabian Irsara / Unsplash