Historical Mystery Master Cordelia Frances Biddle's Greatest Inspirations

    Biddle's favorites have helped her shape characters and period in her beloved antebellum mysteries.

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    5 Most Underappreciated Crime Writers

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    13 Mystery and Thriller Books That Inspired Films

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    Murder & Mayhem Pick: Death Wish, by Brian Garfield

    There's so much more to Garfield's original crime thriller than what you see on the big screen.

    by Rob Hart

    A Covenant with Death: Who Killed Louise Talbot?

    Everyone suspects the jilted husband ... but things are not always what they seem.

    by Paola Crespo

    9 Underrated Thriller Books

    Looking for something new to keep you enthralled?

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    No Beast So Fierce: The Book That Got a Man Released from Prison

    Edward Bunker’s life of crime and incarceration strongly influenced both his writing and acting careers.

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    9 Mystery Books with Surprise Plot Twists

    Even if you’re always one step ahead ... these books will still catch you off guard!

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