best nordic novels
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Buy Murder in the Dark at Amazon

Murder in the Dark

By Dan Turèll

Buy Smilla's Sense of Snow at Amazon

Smilla's Sense of Snow

By Peter Høeg


Buy Against the Wall (Helsinki Homicide) at Amazon

Against the Wall (Helsinki Homicide)

By Jarko Sipilä


Buy Snowblind at Amazon


By Ragnar Jonasson


Buy Where Roses Never Die at Amazon

Where Roses Never Die

By Gunnar Staalesen


Buy A Darker Shade of Sweden at Amazon

A Darker Shade of Sweden

By John-Henri Holmberg

Buy The Shapeshifters at Amazon

The Shapeshifters

By Stefan Spjut

Buy The Crow Girl at Amazon

The Crow Girl

By Erik Axl Sund

Buy Roseanna at Amazon


By Maj Sjöwall & Per Wallhöö

Buy The Dying Detective at Amazon

The Dying Detective

By Leif G.W. Persson

Buy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at Amazon

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

By Stieg Larsson

Published on 19 Mar 2019