17 of the Best Spy Novels for Espionage Lovers

CIA, FBI, MI5: Pick your poison with these thrilling spy novels.

spy novels
Buy Our Man in Havana at Amazon

Our Man in Havana

By Graham Greene

Buy Condor: The Short Takes at Amazon

Condor: The Short Takes

By James Grady

Buy A Little White Death at Amazon

A Little White Death

By John Lawton

Buy Hue and Cry at Amazon

Hue and Cry

By Patricia Wentworth

Buy Charlie M at Amazon

Charlie M

By Brian Freemantle

Buy Dead or Alive at Amazon

Dead or Alive

By Patricia Wentworth

Buy A Game of Spies at Amazon

A Game of Spies

By John Altman

Buy The Secret Agent at Amazon

The Secret Agent

By Joseph Conrad

Buy Then We Take Berlin at Amazon

Then We Take Berlin

By John Lawton

best spy novels

Casino Royale

By Ian Fleming

best spy novels

The Day of the Jackal

By Frederick Forsyth

best spy novels

The Salzburg Connection

By Helen MacInnes

best spy novels

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

By John le Carré

best spy novels

The Bourne Identity

By Robert Ludlum

best spy novels


By Gayle Lynds

best spy novels

Red Sparrow

By Jason Matthews