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5 Mystery Books with Interactive Puzzles for Fans of Cain’s Jawbone

These books make you an active participant in the mystery.

Puzzle Mystery books list, books like Cain's Jawbone
Could You Survive Midsomer? by Simon Brew

Could You Survive Midsomer?

By Simon Brew

Why Killed the Robins Family by Bill Adler and Thomas Chastain

Who Killed the Robins Family?

By Thomas Chastain and Bill Adler

The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes: 50 Tantalizing Problems of Chess Detection

By Raymond Smullyan


MAZE: Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle

By Christopher Manson

The Secret A Treasure Hunt

The Secret: A Treasure Hunt

By Byron Preiss, Sean Kelly and Ted Mann