10 Thrilling Books for Fans of Three Seconds

These chilling reads are sure to get your heart racing.

books like three seconds
Buy A Darker Shade of Sweden at Amazon

A Darker Shade of Sweden

By John-Henri Holmberg

Buy The Man Who Smiled at Amazon

The Man Who Smiled

By Henning Mankell

Buy The White City at Amazon

The White City

By Karolina Ramqvist

Buy Cold Comfort at Amazon

Cold Comfort

By Quentin Bates

Buy No Beast So Fierce at Amazon

No Beast So Fierce

By Edward Bunker

Buy Because the Night at Amazon

Because the Night

By James Ellroy

books like three seconds

The Laughing Policeman

By Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö

books like three seconds

The Torso

By Helene Tursten

books like three seconds

Death of a Nightingale

By Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis