13 Thrilling New Releases by Female Mystery Authors That You Need to Read

If you don’t know their names yet, you will soon.


Tracy Clark

Buy What You Don't See at Amazon

What You Don't See

By Tracy Clark

Elizabeth Little

Buy Pretty as a Picture at Amazon

Pretty as a Picture

By Elizabeth Little

Ottessa Moshfegh

Buy Death in Her Hands at Amazon

Death in Her Hands

By Ottessa Moshfegh

Meg Gardiner

Buy The Dark Corners of the Night at Amazon

The Dark Corners of the Night

By Meg Gardiner

Julie Clark

Buy The Last Flight at Amazon

The Last Flight

By Julie Clark

Julia Heaberlin

Buy We Are All the Same in the Dark at Amazon

We Are All the Same in the Dark

By Julia Heaberlin

Elisabeth Thomas

Buy Catherine House at Amazon

Catherine House

By Elisabeth Thomas

Stephanie Wrobel

Buy Darling Rose Gold at Amazon

Darling Rose Gold

By Stephanie Wrobel

Lucy Foley

Buy The Guest List at Amazon

The Guest List

By Lucy Foley

Erica Spindler

Buy The Look-Alike at Amazon

The Look-Alike

By Erica Spindler

Ani Katz

Buy A Good Man at Amazon

A Good Man

By Ani Katz

Scarlett Thomas

Buy Oligarchy at Amazon


By Scarlett Thomas

Daisy Johnson

Buy Sisters at Amazon


By Daisy Johnson