13 Thrilling Heist Books That Will Make Your Heart Race

There’s no honor among thieves…

Buy A Fairly Dangerous Thing at Amazon

A Fairly Dangerous Thing

By Reginald Hill

Buy The Thefts of Nick Velvet at Amazon

The Thefts of Nick Velvet

By Edward D. Hoch

Buy The White Van at Amazon

The White Van

By Patrick Hoffman

Buy Rocks Beat Paper at Amazon

Rocks Beat Paper

By Mike Knowles

Buy A Calculated Risk at Amazon

A Calculated Risk

By Katherine Neville

Buy 11 Harrowhouse at Amazon

11 Harrowhouse

By Gerald A. Browne

Buy Cops and Robbers at Amazon

Cops and Robbers

By Donald E. Westlake

Buy Seven Silent Men at Amazon

Seven Silent Men

By Noel Behn

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Death Prefers Blondes

By Caleb Roehrig

heist books

The Wheelman

By Duane Swierczynski

heist books

Thick as Thieves

By Peter Spiegelman

heist books

Cotton Comes to Harlem

By Chester Himes