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Watch the Sharp and Thrilling New Trailer for I Care a Lot

Rosamund Pike stars as a cold-hearted and cut-throat con artist.

i care a lot feature trailer
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  • Photo Credit: Black Bear Pictures

Filled with energy and excitement, the newly released trailer for I Care a Lot reveals a relentless young woman, whose entirely amoral scheme leads to unexpected danger. 

The comedy thriller follows Marla Grayson, as she tricks the elderly into her care and out of their homes. The mastermind behind a well-executed and merciless operation, Marla files for legal guardianship of her marks, only to sell off their houses and pocket the profits once appointed. Confident and aggressive, Marla believes she’s at the top of her game. However, after stealing from a well-connected elderly woman, she finds her plans going sideways. 

Despite her old age, Jennifer Peterson should not be underestimated– and when Marla crosses her, she learns this lesson the hard way. In the electric tale that ensues, she must face off with Jennifer's henchmen, who are just as ruthless as her. 

But even as the crooks square off against each other, it’s never quite clear who is about to get the worse end of the deal– the unflinchingly brutal Marla or the adversaries meant to teach her a lesson. For a glimpse of the high-powered and hilarious thrills to come, watch the trailer below.

Starring as Marla Grayson, Rosamund Pike takes on yet another conniving and remorseless leading role that has many thinking back to her jaw-dropping performance in Gone Girl. Acting alongside Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Dianne Wiest, and Chris Messina, Pike leads a strong cast. 

Directed by J Blakeson, I Care a Lot will be available on Netflix February 19. 

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Featured still from "I Care A Lot" via Black Bear Pictures.