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Mystery and Thriller Movies We're Most Looking Forward To

Don't miss these suspenseful, gritty, and clever new releases.

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  • Photo Credit: Hidden Empire Film Group

The next few months look good for mystery and thriller fans. Though 2020 has seen its fair share of disruptions, with many releases being derailed, the coming seasons look much brighter. With a wide range of first run films on the horizon featuring thieves, spies, detectives, and mobsters, these winter and spring hits really have it all. 

Fatale (December 18)

mystery and thriller movies to look forward to fatale
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  • Photo Credit: Hidden Empire Film Group

Though the year is wrapping up, there are still some exciting thrillers in store. Set to be released December 18, the gripping film Fatale is filled with action, suspense, and jarring surprises. After a night of infidelity, a man finds himself the victim of a mysterious home invasion. Then, in what seems to be a cruel twist of fate, the detective assigned to investigate the break-in happens to be the same woman he slept with. Now the center of her attention, he finds himself in an increasingly precarious situation, with his marriage, credibility, and safety all in the crosshairs.

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Promising Young Woman (December 25)

mystery and thriller films to look forward to promising young woman
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A sharp and wicked revenge film, Promising Young Woman follows Cassie, the once "promising young woman" referenced in the film's title, as she doles out consequences on those she feels are deserving. Sly and vengeful, Cassie's life was full of potential until a terrible tragedy shook her right into a double life. But as the film reveals her traumas and secrets, Cassie happens upon an opportunity to set the past right in a darkly humorous thriller that "manages to be funny and sexy and smart and absolutely terrifying, all in one stylish package" (IndieWire).

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Don't Tell a Soul (January 15)

mystery and thriller movies to look forward to don't tell a soul
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  • Photo Credit: Mangano Movies & Media

If you’re used to seeing Rainn Wilson in The Office, his stellar performance with the dark and gritty material of Don’t Tell a Soul is sure to surprise and impress you. After two young brothers successfully steal thousands of dollars from a nearby house, a security guard discovers what they’ve done, only to fall down a well while pursuing them. With the man’s survival in the balance, the brothers find themselves in over their head and struggle to contain the situation before it all spirals out of control.

The Mauritanian (February 19)

mystery and thriller movies to look forward to the mauritanian
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A legal thriller starring Tahar Rahim, Jodie Foster, Shailene Woodley, and Benedict Cumberbatch, The Mauritanian is based on the true story of Mohamedou Ould Salahi, the author of the bestselling memoir Guantanamo Diary. Imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay for years without a charge or court appearance, Mohamedou Ould Salahi finally finds a glimmer of hope when two lawyers take on his defense. Filled with controversies and conspiracies, The Mauritanian shares a riveting portrayal of a vital story.

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Featured still from "Fatale" via Hidden Empire Film Group.