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Listen to Just To Be Nominated for your Murder Mystery Fix

The new podcast dives into a captivating whodunit, set against the decadence of the Academy Awards.

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Nothing beats a good whodunit mystery. With a list of suspects and an assortment of clues, it's all about piecing the evidence together. While many theories can be convincing, only one truly solves the case. 

Bringing a new and intriguing whodunit to listeners, the podcast Just To Be Nominated unwinds a clever murder mystery. Featuring a vibrant cast of characters and a tangled web of clues, Just To Be Nominated centers on the death of a leading actress, found murdered right after she received an Academy Award. 

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Having won an Oscar for her performance in the film A Year in Stockholm, Riley Audrey reached the height of success. However, very few celebrated her highly coveted achievement. In her fight to the top, Riley left many upset. So much so, that following her murder, everyone seems to be a suspect. 

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There’s Antoine Marais, a high-maintenance director who is known throughout the industry for bringing intensity and bold vision to his films. However, his first big Hollywood movie seems to have slipped out of his hands, as Riley’s performance steered the film away from his direction. 

Then there’s iconic actress Christine Vanderpol, who has somehow managed to go her whole career without an Oscar win, despite receiving a staggering 8 nominations. Her decades of hard work have gone overlooked yet again, as she is usurped by Riley Audrey. 

Even those within Riley’s camp are worth a second look in this investigation. Publicist Joy Moon is a force in her own right, having had her hand in every major star’s Oscar win for the last twenty years. While this year was no exception, as Joy worked alongside Riley, the friction between the two can’t be ignored. 

These disputes are just the beginning when it comes to the famed actress. Though her director, competition, and publicist all have a motive, they are far from the only ones. From her lifelong friends, to her talented co-stars, no one is above suspicion. These characters set the stage for the compelling mystery with their unique backstories and strained relationships. 

Rounding out the cast of characters are Leo and Terri, two Award Season podcast hosts. They bring their behind-the-scenes knowledge of the industry to the investigation, exposing hidden tensions and providing vital information. Against the dramatic backdrop of Hollywood’s biggest night, no secret is safe. 

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Just To Be Nominated brings new style and life to its old school murder mystery. With different performers voicing each character, this fun whodunit is full of lively and engaging developments. Created by Jorge Molina and produced by Kingdom of Pavement, Just to be Nominated premieres February 25th. 

Listen along to the series preview below.  

Featured photo via @JTBNpodcast / Twitter