14 Mysteries Set in Florida to Keep You Off the Beach

The Sunshine State has a dark side...

mysteries set in florida jonathon king
Buy Don't Lose Her at Amazon

Don't Lose Her

By Jonathon King

florida mysteries

The Lonely Silver Rain

By John D. MacDonald

Buy Florida Firefight at Amazon

Florida Firefight

By Randy Wayne White

Buy McNally's Secret at Amazon

McNally's Secret

By Lawrence Sanders

Buy Miami It's Murder at Amazon

Miami It's Murder

By Edna Buchanan

Buy Rush of Blood at Amazon

Rush of Blood

By Mark Billingham

Buy Like Coffee and Doughnuts at Amazon

Like Coffee and Doughnuts

By Elle Parker

Buy Killers from the Keys at Amazon

Killers from the Keys

By Brett Halliday

Buy Comrades in Miami at Amazon

Comrades in Miami

By José Latour

Buy Trap Line at Amazon

Trap Line

By Carl Hiaasen and Bill Montalbano

Buy Suspicion of Innocence at Amazon

Suspicion of Innocence

By Barbara Parker

Buy Miami Massacre at Amazon

Miami Massacre

By Don Pendleton