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Red, White, and Clues: 6 Mystery and Thriller Books About Presidents

It's no debate that these books are must-reads.

Cover of "Surrounded by Enemies" by Bryce Zabel

Anyone who's been watching the news can feel the building tension from the current state of America's political climate. But in times of trouble, the best catharsis is a good book.

Are you desperate to see a president find their way through even the most dire situations? Are you hoping an investigator will finally take a good look at what's really happening behind the White House's closed doors?

Here are six incredible mystery and thriller books about presidents to restore your hope in the nation.

The President Is Missing

The President Is Missing

By James Patterson & Bill Clinton

What's better than a thriller about a president? A thriller about a president co-written by a former president!

James Patterson and Bill Clinton came together to deliver the gripping bestseller The President is Missing. The novel follows the terrifying threat of cyberterrorism, pointing toward a traitor in the White House.

With all of America on the line, no one is free from suspicion—not even the President himself. When the Commander in Chief disappears from public view, the uncertainty of the vulnerable nation skyrockets.

Surrounded by Enemies

Surrounded by Enemies

By Bryce Zabel

This political thriller weaves an intriguing alternate history, taking readers into a timeline in which President John F. Kennedy survived the attempt on his life in Dallas.

America is tense and anxious in the wake of the failed ambush in Dealey Plaza. But life—and politics—goes on, and now JFK has a heap of mounting problems on his plate.

Political scandal is breathing down his neck, an endless war trudges along, and his nation seems to be fraying at the seams. The 1960s are going down an unexpected path, and John and his brother Bobby are scrambling to stay ahead of their adversaries in the name of a better America.

Murder on Air Force One

Murder on Air Force One

By John L. Flynn

Insp. Kate Dawson is called to the San Francisco International Airport in the early hours of the morning to deal with an incredibly delicate case.

A woman has died in the lavatory of Air Force One, and everyone is a suspect in her murder, including Madame President and her husband.

When the victim died, she was in the middle of some dangerous foreplay.

Did her kink finally get the best of her, or did someone take the opportunity to use her fetish for oxygen deprivation against her?

Deep State

Deep State

By Chris Hauty

President Richard Monroe has just been elected into the White House, and his controversial and divisive views only further polarize Washington, DC. The partisan drama is at an all-time high, and the high-stakes political turf wars cause vicious paranoia.

When the White House chief of staff is found dead, intern and former army grunt Hayley Chill suspects foul play. Digging into the potential murder, Chill uncovers proof that a deadly conspiracy is pervading DC and threatening to undermine democracy itself.

Now it's up to Chill to expose the truth and save the next victim: the president.

The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln

The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln

By Stephen L. Carter

What if President Abraham Lincoln was never assassination on April 14th, 1865? Two years after that fateful day, Lincoln faces an impeachment trial after his actions during the Civil War leave him charged with overstepping his constitutional authority.

Abigail Canner is a 21-year-old black woman armed with a degree from Oberlin, a job at the law firm defending Lincoln, and an unwavering conviction to overcome the limitations society has placed on her.

Now Abigail is meeting all of the titans of the nation, including the president himself as she works side by side with a white clerk.

When Lincoln's lead counsel is murdered the night before the trial, Abigail finds herself tangled up in the complicated web of a conspiracy.

hope never dies

Hope Never Dies

By Andrew Shaffer

Who said presidential mysteries can't be a little silly? This book sees Former President Barack Obama and (at the time of the story) former Vice President Joe Biden team up as high-stakes action heroes.

Biden is feeling a little lost at see when Obama's presidential term comes to an end. But when a railroad conductor dies under suspicious circumstances, “Amtrak Joe” decides to follow the trail of clues to find the truth.

There's only one man Biden trusts to help him: the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama.

As they untangle a dark noir mystery taking them from biker bars to seedy motels, their unstoppable bromance keeps them ahead of the sinister forces running America's opioid epidemic.