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A Plethora of Enticing New Mysteries and Thrillers Coming to Netflix in 2023

Get your snacks ready.

featured photo from luther: the fallen empire
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  • Photo Credit: BBC Studios

It’s gearing up to be an exciting year for fans of mystery and thriller flicks. Last month, Netflix released the films coming to their streaming service this year, and we are chomping at the bit to watch them. With the range of clever and suspenseful new additions of murder mystery films, sci-fi thrillers, and beyond, you’re going to want to stock up on popcorn.We’ve rounded up all of the amazing mystery and thriller movies coming out on Netflix in 2023. Continue reading to discover what’s in store.


Murder Mystery 2

murder mystery 2
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  • Photo Credit: Happy Madison Productions

March 31, 2023

Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) and his wife Audrey (Jennifer Anniston) are back, now as full-time detectives. Despite their capabilities, Nick and Audrey are struggling to get their private detective agency formally established. When one of their friends is abducted, the two have the chance to prove themselves when they become involved in an international investigation.

They Cloned Tyrone

they cloned tyrone
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  • Photo Credit: Macro Media

July 21, 2023

This film will be sure to entertain mystery fans and science-fiction fans alike. Strange things have been happening around a group of friends, and when they decide to investigate what’s been going on, the trio uncovers a government conspiracy involving cloning. Follow along as the group stands up against the white scientists who are taking advantage of the Black community. 



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  • Photo Credit: Climax Studio

January 20, 2023

Jung_E was released last month, and if you haven’t watched it yet, prepare to add it to your watch list. Brought to you by the director of Hellhound, this sci-fi thriller features a post-apocalyptic near future where AI is advanced enough to “live” alongside humans. In an attempt to end a civil war, a researcher at a top facility clones the brain of a heroic soldier–her own mother.   

Luther: The Fallen Sun

luther: the fallen sun
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  • Photo Credit: BBC Studios

March 10, 2023

Idris Elba reprises his role as detective John Luther in this film continuation of the British television show of the same name. While the disgraced detective John Luther sits behind bars, a serial killer rampages London and taunts Luther in the process. Luther decides he must break out of jail and do whatever it takes to put a stop to the killings.

Kill Boksoon

kill boksoon
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  • Photo Credit: Seed Films

March 31, 2023

Part-time single mom, part-time renowned assassin Kill Boksoon leads a high-stress double life. Boksoon’s loyalty to her killing agency is put to the test when she is involved in a kill-or-be-killed incident that leads to an inevitable fight. 

The Killer

the killer
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  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Nov. 10, 2023

An assassin suffers a near-miss while on an assignment, and embarks on an international manhunt to correct his mistake. While the assassin insists the compulsion to hit his target isn’t personal, his employers think otherwise. Directed by David Fincher, who is best known for his massively successful films like Gone Girl and The Social Network, The Killer is sure to be a hit.

Leave the World Behind

leave the world behind
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  • Photo Credit: Netflix Studios

Dec. 8. 2023

Two families vacationing on Long Island meet a pair of strangers who share the news of a mysterious blackout that will devastate the country. With the threat of the blackout looming ever closer, both families must decide how they will survive the crisis. And did we mention this film is produced by a group including Barack and Michelle Obama?

Monkey Man

monkey man
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  • Photo Credit: Bron Studios

Late 2023 (date TBD)

Slumdog Millionaire actor Dev Patel co-wrote, produced, directed, and stars in this upcoming Netflix Original movie. The plotline is embedded with true events from Patel’s childhood, as the main character–The Kid–seeks revenge on a world corroded by corporate greed and twisted spiritual values.