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10 New Mystery and Thriller Books Coming in February 2024 

These mystery and thriller books will keep your heart pounding.

new mystery and thriller books feb 2024 mm

They say it’s the season of love. What better way to get in the spirit than lighting a few candles, pouring a glass of wine, and cozying up to new mystery and thriller books? It's sure to get youre heart racing.

Immerse yourself in the gripping world of suspense with our curated list of 10 new mystery and thriller books that promise to keep you on the edge of your seat. From chilling psychological twists to pulse-pounding investigations, these newly released novels are sure to have readers eagerly turning the pages. Get ready as we unveil the must-read mystery and thriller books to kick off your February reading adventure. 

the lantern's dance for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

The Lantern's Dance

By Laurie R. King

Embarking on a much-needed break in the idyllic French countryside, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes find themselves entangled in a complex and deeply personal case. The duo anticipates a peaceful reunion with Holmes' artist son, Damian Adler, and his family. However, they're greeted by an empty house. The Adlers have fled from a mysterious threat, but who—or what—was it?

As Holmes rushes after Damian, a recently injured Russell explores the abandoned residence and stumbles upon an intriguing discovery. She finds four crates filled with memorabilia linked to Holmes' granduncle, the artist Horace Vernet. Amidst the assortment lies an antique zoetrope with a cryptic journal by a woman named Lakshmi, written in an intricate code 

Russell, captivated and increasingly troubled, decodes the cryptograph, unveiling a connection to a young Indian woman and a looming threat. The past intertwines with the present, prompting Russell to decipher the enigma surrounding Damian, Horace Vernet, and even Sherlock Holmes himself. This compelling narrative unfolds through a masterful blend of suspense, historical intrigue, and the exposure of personal mysteries, making it an enthralling read that will definitely keep you hooked until the last page. 

the antique hunter's guide to murder for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

The Antique Hunter's Guide to Murder

By C.L. Miller

“What antique would you kill for?” Freya Lockwood is thrown into a pit of shock and discomfort after the sudden mysterious death of estranged mentor and antiques dealer Arthur Crockleford. For the past 20 years, Freya had successfully managed to avoid ever going back to the quaint English town she once called home. It’s not until she receives a letter from Arthur that she decides to return to a life she once thought would remain behind her. What was in this letter? Simply a request to investigate…just days before his murder. 

After joining forces with her lively Aunt Carole, Freya must follow her instincts and discover clues leading to an old manor house for an Antiques Enthusiast’s Weekend. At this house it was clear to Freya that the antiques were reproductions and the secretive guests couldn’t be shadier.

What’s really going on here? How is Arthur involved? Join Freya and Carole on their hunt to find answers before the killer strikes again! 

island witch for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

Island Witch

By Amanda Jayatissa

This tale takes place in 19th century Sri Lanka inspired by the local folklore of a traditional demon-priest’s daughter who’s accused of witchcraft. 

Amara lived a life that was different from others. As the village Capuwa’s—aka demon-priest— daughter, she typically kept to herself. After British Colonizers had brought on new religious practices to the village, villagers turned on the once respected craft of Amara's father. Despite turning against the family, they consistently seek his aid when faced with supernatural disturbances. 

However, a new threat emerges as someone—or something—mercilessly targets men in the jungle. Strangely, instead of seeking Amara's father's assistance, the villagers accuse him of being the perpetrator behind these attacks. In her quest to clear the name of her father, Amara faces haunting dreams that eerily foreshadow the dark forces plaguing her island. A lingering uneasiness ties back to the night she recovered from a mysterious illness. Startled and disoriented, she woke to the frantic cries of her mother, “No one can find out what happened.” 

spy hunter for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

Spy Hunter

By H.B. Lyle

The year is 1914 and Sherlock Holmes has met an untimely demise that’s shrouded in mystery with no clear culprit. Wiggins, once a Baker Street irregular and Holmes' apprentice, harbors suspicions pointing toward a German spy. Yet, the backdrop of Europe plunging into the chaos of World War I adds layers of complexity. 

With Military Intelligence's Captain Kell preoccupied, Wiggins finds himself alone, driven by grief and fury. His pursuit of Holmes' murderer takes him across the continent, where elusive answers coil with the shadows of his own emotions. 

five furry familiars for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

Five Furry Familiars

By Lynn Cahoon

To sustain her culinary venture, Mia hands over the reins of Mia's Morsels, her cooking school and catering business, to her boyfriend Trent's mother. Juggling her pursuit of a steady paycheck and the challenges of her mean-spirited lodge boss becomes a daily struggle. Meanwhile, Mia's roommate, Christina, remains loyal to Mia's Morsels. Despite this, distractions arise when dealing with her demanding mother. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the plot thickens when Christina's former flame unexpectedly appears in Magic Springs, Idaho, declaring himself her fiancé in a flashy Escalade. Amidst the chaos comes the arrival of homeless kittens and Trent's new furry companion. A mysterious spiritual energy permeates the air, coming from these unconventional pets.

Before Mia can unravel the secrets of her paranormal animal entourage, a dead body is found. This murder unfolds within the lodge rental, linked to Christina's resurfaced ex. 

the split for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

The Split

By Kit Frick

Jane Connor has embraced her role as the reliable "plain Jane" in a family overshadowed by her lively sister Esme. In the midst of a flash summer storm, Esme seeks refuge with Jane after leaving her high-society husband, sparking an opportunity for the sisters to rekindle their bond. The catch? Jane must confront a teenage fear of the highway to aid Esme on her journey home. 

As the narrative splits into two realities, readers are faced with a gripping choice that alters the course of Jane's life. In one, the aftermath of Esme's disappearance drives Jane to unravel a web of secrets, lies, and the painful truth. In the other, the sisters confront a volatile past, testing the fragile threads that bind them. 

The Split is a must-read tale that delves into the complexities of familial bonds, revealing how a single decision can reshape lives in unimaginable ways. This thrilling suspense novel defies tradition by presenting two interconnected thrillers within a single narrative. 

village in the dark for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

Village in the Dark

By Iris Yamashita

In the bitter cold of February, Detective Cara Kennedy stands beside the graves of her husband and son, witnessing their caskets being unearthed. A year after Aaron and Dylan vanished on a fateful hike, their bones now rest underground. Yet shocking revelations hint at foul play, creating a pattern that connects them to a series of ominous deaths and disappearances. 

Entangled in this mystery is Mia Upash, who fled the sheltered Unity village to live a life not so isolated. Despite the haunting memory of the man and boy lost in the woods, Mia harbors her own reasons for maintaining silence. Teaming up with police officer Joe Barkowski and the residents of Point Mettier, Cara's relentless investigation propels them down a dangerous path, jeopardizing not only their lives, but the safety of everyone around them. 

nightwatching for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024


By Tracy Sierra

In the chilling solitude of a snowbound home, a mother finds herself alone with her children during a blizzard. In the middle of the night, she hears an unsettling noise, a familiar echo of footsteps going up the stairs. Panic begins to set in as she sees a shadowy figure down the hallway—a man. Gripped by fear, she quickly guides her children to the oldest part of the house, a concealed secret room behind the walls. 

As the intruder searches, he calls out in an attempt to lure the children and scare the mother into surrendering. The mother grapples with staying calm in the suffocating darkness, torn between finding a weapon or attempting escape. Yet, when she catches sight of him again, the face and voice unveil a dire reality—she knows him and the imminent danger he possesses. 

This gripping narrative unfolds a tense tale of survival, suspense, and a mother's fight to protect her family, making it an unmissable read for those craving a thrilling and heart-pounding experience. 

fatal first edition for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

Fatal First Edition

By Jenn Mckinlay

Lindsey Norris, the director of Briar Creek Library, attends a library conference in Chicago with her husband, Sully, where book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright delivers a keynote. To their surprise, Lindsey discovers a tote bag under her seat containing a rare first edition of Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train. Realizing its high value, Lindsey and Sully head to return the book to the conference director. 

However, the situation takes a dark turn when rumors circulate that the valuable novel has vanished. Soon it is revealed that the conference director had been murdered in his private compartment. To make matters worse, the murderer cunningly plants the book in Lindsey and Sully's room, casting them as prime suspects. Now they must unravel the mystery and expose the true culprit before they become wanted for a crime they didn't commit.

This engaging read promises a thrilling blend of mystery and fascination, making it a must for those who enjoy murder mysteries. 

a step past darkness for new mystery and thriller books mm feb 2024

A Step Past Darkness

By Vera Kurian

Beneath the picture-perfect suburban facade of Wesley Falls lurks a sinister secret, and it's not just the forgotten coal mine. The summer of '95 pushes six vastly different high school students into a life-changing moment during a party in the mine, exposing a horrifying crime. With personalities ranging from a church devotee to a cynical burnout, these unlikely allies decide they can only rely on each other. Facing a town on the edge of chaos, they launch their own investigation, and, fearing betrayal, pledge silence by burying their evidence. 

Fast forward 20 years, and a murder brings them back together, forcing them to confront the past they all buried. This compelling narrative presents a gripping tale of friendship, trust, and the haunting secrets of Wesley Falls. Dive into this suspenseful journey through the complexities of the human mind and the power of buried truths.