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10 Highly Anticipated New Mystery and Thriller Books Releasing in June 2024

Mystery and thriller books, like summer, have a knack for making us suffer–and enjoy it. 

four mystery and thriller book covers being released in june 2024

While every month of 2024 has some killer lineups of new releases, June is one of the most highly anticipated.

There are a plethora of new mystery and thriller books releasing in June, with a fantastic balance of standalone novels and series installments, and books from debut authors and books from established ones.

This month we have quite a list: cozy mysteries, the next installment in Freida McFadden’s Housemaid series, some incredible debut authors, erotic thrillers, and more.

If you’re looking for a list of must-reads that won’t let you down, this is it. 

The Housemaid Is Watching

The Housemaid Is Watching

By Freida McFadden

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated releases for both the month and the year, Freida McFadden’s third installment in her Housemaid series releases on June 11th. In it, Millie and her husband have finally moved their family onto a beautiful, suburban cul-de-sac. 

Millie is unsure how she feels about their new neighbor Mrs. Lowell and her maid with the cold stare…but when the family is invited over for dinner, Millie can’t resist. But the Lowells’ maid isn’t the only strange thing on their new street–Millie swears that a mysterious, shadowy figure lurks among them, watching them. Her husband leaves late at night. 

And she meets another neighbor from across the way, whose first words chillingly justify her thoughts about Mrs. Lowell: Be careful of your neighbors. She had moved to the quiet, suburban street to leave her secrets behind, but it may just be the most dangerous place of them all. 

Already hailed for the jaw-dropping twists and turns that McFadden is known for, The Housemaid is Watching is a book you don’t want to miss. 

Murder at the Rusty Anchor (A Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery 6)

Murder at the Rusty Anchor (A Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery 6)

By Maddie Day

A rainy July weekend in Westham can only result in one thing: a body behind the bar at the Rusty Anchor Pub. Bruce Byrne, an elderly high school teacher, had been around so long it seemed like he taught everybody; but this time, someone taught him a lesson. 

Mackenzie Almeida is back and gathers the Cozy Capers Book Group to help her clear her name. Sure, the rain may have meant that all of Mac’s bike shop customers went to the pub instead, but she didn’t kill anyone over it!

The group studies the clues and sorts through the suspects, but the killer is desperate to cover their tracks, and this may be a test of their sleuthing skills that they will not pass…

Middle of the Night: A Novel

Middle of the Night: A Novel

By Riley Sager

Another highly anticipated 2024 release, Riley Sager’s Middle of the Night introduces us to Ethan Marsh, who lost his best friend Billy when they were 10 years old.

They had been camping in the backyard of Ethan’s quaint New Jersey home–but when Ethan woke up, he found a knife slash in the tent, and an empty spot where Billy used to be. Billy was never seen again. 

Reluctantly, Ethan returned to his childhood home 30 years later. Nightmares and insomnia instantly overtook him, and he began to notice strange goings-on around the house at night: someone seems to be lurking around the cul-de-sac at odd hours, and signs of Billy’s presence keep appearing in Ethan’s backyard. Is this a cruel prank? Is Ethan just crazy? Or is Billy, long thought to be dead, really back? 

All the strangeness prompts Ethan to investigate the truth of that night, and along the way, he recruits former friends and neighbors to his cause.

They eventually find themselves in the woods that surround Hemlock Circle; woods where, Billy claimed, ghosts roamed and a mysterious institute does clandestine research on an abandoned estate. 

The closer Ethan gets to the truth, the more he realizes that the safe haven he thought Hemlock Circle was is actually not safe at all…and the past has a tricky way of haunting the present. 

Tell Me Who You Are: A Novel

Tell Me Who You Are: A Novel

By Louisa Luna

A must-read for folks who are fascinated by the minds of killers, Tell Me Who You Are begins with Brooklyn psychiatrist Caroline Strange and her appointment with a troubled new patient.

I am going to kill someone, and I know who you really are, he says. 

Dr. Caroline is used to hearing her patients’ deepest, darkest secrets, but Nelson Schack really delivered; detectives show up later that same day, inquiring about a missing woman. And somehow, Dr. Caroline becomes the prime suspect. 

Convinced the police are incompetent and desperate to clear her name, Dr. Caroline runs her own investigation.

But as she chases down the elusive Nelson Schack, she collides head-first with the past she’s spent her entire life trying to forget–and the closer she gets to Nelson, the more people begin to suspect who she really is. 

The Final Act of Juliette Willoughby: A Novel

The Final Act of Juliette Willoughby: A Novel

By Ellery Lloyd

In 1938, Juliette Willoughby, a runaway heiress turned artist, went up in flames alongside her painting Self Portrait as Sphinx in an accidental studio fire in Paris.

But 50 years later, two Cambridge art students discover evidence that supports the theory that the fire was something far more sinister than an innocent accident. 

The secret not only threatens the very foundations of Juliette’s aristocratic family, but also swirls rumors about the infamous generational curse that has haunted the Willoughby family for a long time.

But what does their discovery mean? And better yet, how does it connect to a brutal murder in modern-day Dubai? Love, madness, obsession, and revenge are hallmark characteristics of a brooding artist’s final stand. 

Assassins Anonymous

Assassins Anonymous

By Rob Hart

Mark was once the most notorious killer-for-hire in the world. But Mark learned the hard way that all that killing has a way of making you more monster than man, so he left the assassin life behind and joined a 12-step reformer program for killers. 

But his reformation journey becomes difficult when an unknown assailant viciously attacks him and forces him on the run. He darts from New York, to Singapore, to London, chasing clues and narrowly escaping attacks while he tries to figure out who’s after him.

But balancing all that while not killing anyone, and not getting killed himself, is quite the feat. Mark learns quickly that, for an assassin, nonviolence is a real hassle. 

Fondant Fumble (Cupcake Bakery Mystery Book 16)

Fondant Fumble (Cupcake Bakery Mystery Book 16)

By Jenn McKinlay

In the 16th book in Jenn McKinlay’s Cupcake Bakery Mystery series, professional football players Keogh Graham and Tyler Matthews want to open a Fairy Tale Cupcakes franchise.

They spend the off-season in Mel’s bakery learning about baking and the business, and drum up a huge boom of customers while they do so. 

Most people are excited to see the friends pursuing their dreams–but not the team owner, Keogh’s agent, and some very vocal fans who are afraid the two are going to retire early.

No one thought the conflict would result in murder; but when the Arizona Scorpions’ owner is found dead on the bakery floor following an argument with Keogh, the pros become the prime suspects. Can Mel and the bakery crew clear their names before it’s game over? 

Olive You to Death (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 16)

Olive You to Death (A Tourist Trap Mystery Book 16)

By Lynn Cahoon

In the 16th installment in the Tourist Trap Mysteries, Jill Gardner returns in the midst of wedding season. While her own wedding may be delayed, there’s still plenty to celebrate: she’s getting her MBA, and she’s going on a girl’s weekend in Santa Barbara. 

But back home in South Cove, antiques dealer Josh Thomas was set to marry his fiance Mandy Jensen under an olive tree on the historic Jensen Farm this weekend–until Mandy went missing. 

Jill’s fiance, police detective Greg is on the case; was it a runaway bride, or a husband with cold (hearted) feet? Greg’s prime suspect is Josh, and he asks for Jill’s help distracting him while he solves the case. Jill knows Josh is searching for something other than his fiance: a bank robber’s buried gold bullion. 

And things just look even worse for him when the professor Josh had been discussing the gold with winds up dead too…

Love Letters to a Serial Killer

Love Letters to a Serial Killer

By Tasha Coryell

An exciting addition to the mystery/thriller category because of the relatable protagonist and our sympathetic understanding of her true crime obsession, Love Letters to a Serial Killer is about a young woman who begins a relationship with an accused killer. 

Hannah, a 30-something whose friends are fading away into the suburban backdrop and whose relationship status is forever labeled complicated, finds a sense of community in a true-crime forum on the hunt for the killer of four women in Atlanta. 

Eventually, a handsome lawyer named William is arrested for the murders, and Hannah begins writing him letters; at first, it feels like a healthy, empowering outlet for all her pent-up rage. But then William writes back. 

Hannah’s interest in the case immediately goes from mere curiosity to full-blown obsession, and her life begins to crumble at her feet. She heads to Georgia to attend the trial after losing her job, where the jury finds William not guilty because another murder has been committed while he’s been detained. 

Hannah is the first person William calls upon his release, and the two quickly fall into a routine of domestic bliss. Well, if blissful is what you call it when one person is secretly investigating their partner for their possible stint as a serial murderer, that is. 

Little Rot: A Novel

Little Rot: A Novel

By Akwaeke Emezi

Little Rot is the queer erotic thriller we’ve all been yearning for. The story begins with Aima and Kalu, a long-time couple that recently split. Kalu, especially upset over the breakup, attends an exclusive sex party hosted by his friend, Ahmed. 

But while there, he makes a decision that thrusts everyone’s lives into chaos, including Ola and Souraya, two visiting Nigerian sex workers.

Sucked into the elite underbelly of a Nigerian city’s glittering underworld, all five people are looking for a way to flee the dangerous threat that now looms over them all.