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7 Steamy Erotic Mystery and Thriller Books

Turn up the heat with these crimes of passion.


Everyone knows that a good mystery should thrill its reader. But if you’re looking for some extra heat, we've got you covered—er, or uncovered, as it were. As you'll soon discover, mystery and passion make steamy bedfellows. Who doesn't love a sexy mystery? From sleuthing duos who can’t resist each other to call girls on the hunt for a murderer, here are seven enticing erotic mystery and thriller books.

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The Fixer

The Fixer

By HelenKay Dimon

In this erotic mystery, Emery Finn’s job is to locate missing people, but she’s never been able to track down her own cousin who disappeared years ago. Dedicated to finding the truth, she enlists the help of the mysterious Wren—a mysterious, wealthy man who specializes in using his connections to make problems disappear. Wren usually insists on anonymity, but Emery’s dedication pulls him closer to her.

Emery claims she is only interested in Wren’s help, but she finds him increasingly hard to resist. As they grow closer, their investigation draws the attention of all the wrong people. Danger is closing in, and when clues start pointing to someone much closer to the case than Wren could have imagined, he must put aside everything he knows to protect the woman he loves. 

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By Ava Marsh

Stella understands the world she lives in as a high-class escort in London. She plays the erotic game well, leaving her powerful clients satisfied and keeping herself safe. It’s what she has to do in order to survive and escape her dark past. Then everything changes when a fellow escort is murdered.

Stella knows how easy it is for powerful men to get away with murder, especially when the victim is a call girl. But she is determined to solve this mystery. Her search draws her into a dangerous conflict with some of the most powerful men in the world—one she may not survive.

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Deadly Deception

Deadly Deception

By Andrea Johnson Beck

Dr. Anne Jamison seems to have a perfect life. She has a successful career as a neuropsychiatrist and is engaged to Adam Whitney, a prominent attorney in Minneapolis. But she has always been haunted by the mysterious death of her former boyfriend Carter Leeds. 

Three years later, Anne receives a package with a note that suggests that her old flame Carter might still be alive. The note also reveals that her current partner Adam may have played a role in attempting to kill him. As she dives deeper into the mystery, Anne is drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse and is forced to question everything she knows. Can she trust anyone around her?

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Desperate Girls

Desperate Girls

By Laura Griffin

Brynn Holloran is a successful defense attorney and a master of the courtroom. She’s put many criminals behind bars, but one has managed to resurface in the outside world. He begins a killing spree and it soon becomes clear that he’s going after everyone who played a part in sending him to jail—including Brynn. 

When the police can’t track the killer down, Brynn turns to a private security firm to protect her. Always independent, she gets involved in the investigation herself. But every lead she comes across seems disturbingly similar to an old case that has haunted her for years. As the manhunt goes on, Brynn’s investigation brings her closer into the killer’s orbit, and no one may be able to keep her safe. 

Unravel Me

Unravel Me

By Kendall Ryan

This mystery masterfully combines romance, eroticism, and suspense. Psychology student Ashlyn Drake seems to have found the perfect subject for her thesis on amnesia in Logan. That might not even be his real name, considering that he has no memory of his previous life. All anyone knows is that he was found with a dead body covered in blood. This possible murderer seems like the key to an amazing dissertation. 

Although she shouldn’t be, Ashlyn finds herself drawn to Logan for reasons beyond the academic. Perhaps it's because of all her lonely nights studying—or because, despite the danger he might pose, he is undeniably attractive. Using the tattoos on his body and his concerningly dark paintings as clues, she and Logan work to discover the mystery of his past. But when his secret comes to light, Ashlyn will have to decide if the man she’s fallen in love with is the true Logan.

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Because She Loves Me

Because She Loves Me

By Mark Edwards

Andrew Sumner has been unlucky in love for quite some time. When beautiful, feisty Charlie walks into his life, he thinks he’s finally broken his streak. They soon begin an intense and passionate love affair.

But then Andrew’s things start to go missing and it seems like someone is following him. Either that or his grasp on reality is beginning to slip. And when tragedies begin to befall his friends and loved ones, he begins to worry that Charlie has something to do with it. What began as his dream relationship may just turn into a nightmare.

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The Arrangement

The Arrangement

By Kiersten Modglin

When Ainsley Greenburg realizes her marriage is falling apart, she is determined to fix it. She and her husband Peter agree to let each other date someone new every week and never discuss what goes on during those dates. Ainsley’s quick fix soon gets out of hand as terrible mistakes are made with unspeakable consequences. It seems that the only thing holding her and Peter together is the dark secret they share. 

As they work to protect themselves, more and more lies come to the surface. It seems like til death do us part may come sooner than either one of them thought in this erotic mystery novel full of shocking twists and turns.