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10 Addictive New Mystery and Thriller Books Coming in March 2024

It's your lucky month.

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March into mystery and suspense, where luck intertwines with every page as the seasonal shift brings welcome hints of spring. Grab a light jacket, spread a blanket across the cool grass, and get ready to be charmed by a selection of thrilling reads freshly published this month. 

Join us on a thrilling March reading adventure as we highlight our carefully curated list of 10 mystery and thriller books hitting bookshelves across the country. From gripping plot twists to heart-pounding investigations, these books will sweep you into a world of suspense along with the spring breeze.

So, let the pages unfold—and may the mysteries be ever in your favor!

Baby X by Kira Peikoff

Baby X: A Thriller

Baby X: A Thriller

By Peikoff, Kira

In this propulsive thriller, any biological matter can be used to create life. DNA theft is more common than not for celebrities as crazy stalkers bid high for even the tiniest amount.

In this United States-based future, advanced technology can create eggs or sperm from any person’s cells. With celebrities being large targets for this advancement, the alarming potential of meeting biological children they never conceived is at a high.

Singer Trace Thorne, weary of the Vault, a black market site stealing DNA, hires bio-security guard Ember Ryan to safeguard him from ransom demands for his own cell matter.  

Ember, an adept protector of her clients by any means, thwarts DNA theft using keen skills with discarded items. While working for Thorne, her attention is divided as she falls for him. Business proceeds as usual but when a pregnant woman, Quinn, alleges Thorne is the father, Ember's world is turned upside down.

The Best Way to Bury Your Husband by Alexia Casale 

The Best Way to Bury Your Husband: A Novel

The Best Way to Bury Your Husband: A Novel

By Casale, Alexia

A dark comedy about four women coming together to heal the damage their husbands have done—and hide their bodies once they’ve killed them

Sally, driven to her limit by a terrible marriage, fears losing her kids more than dealing with her husband's demise by cast-iron skillet. As she forms an unconventional self-help group, they grapple with hiding four bodies and navigating the perfect burial strategy to escape the consequences. Can they get away with it?

Ruth, a former nurse who found love as a single mom, faces escalating violence from her now husband until a tragic attack on the stairs ends it all. Nearby, Samira reaches her breaking point when she discovers her husband planning harm against their daughter who had recently came out.

Meanwhile, Janey, Sally's sleep-deprived best friend and a new mom at forty-two, grapples with her husband's increasing aggression, desperate for that hero in the fairy tales she tells her daughter each night.

United by righteous anger yet guided by a moral compass, four women collaborate to devise a foolproof plan to get rid of their husbands. Along the journey, Sally, Ruth, Samira, and Janey rediscover old joys, embrace new passions in work and education, finding solace in friendship, laughter, and the art of getting away with murder.

Murder in a Mayfair Flat by Jenna Bennett

Murder in a Mayfair Flat: A 1920s Murder Mystery (Pippa Darling Mysteries Book 3)

Murder in a Mayfair Flat: A 1920s Murder Mystery (Pippa Darling Mysteries Book 3)

By Bennett, Jenna

Christopher Astley, as his alter ego Kitty Dupree, regularly attends a covert drag ball in London on the last Friday of each month. In April, the event faced a police raid, Christopher narrowly escaped due to a timely warning. Now, the gathering shifts to the first Saturday of June at a new venue—the old Rectors Club on Tottenham Court Road.

Christopher's cousin Philippa Darling finds herself alone in the flat she shares with him as Christopher's other cousin, Crispin, Viscount St George, stumbles through the door, thoroughly inebriated from celebrating his twenty-third birthday with his usual lively group of Bright Young People.

When a tipsy St George and ever-curious Pippa crash Christopher's drag ball, the night takes a dark turn. A tabloid reporter ends up dead in a Mayfair flat, with motives for murder aplenty—enough to fill a wing at Wormwood Scrubs Prison.

Pippa and Christopher race to uncover the identity of the gossip hound's killer while protecting Crispin's reputation. But with danger lurking, they must tread carefully to keep their heads above water themselves.

The Hunter by Tana French

The Hunter: A Novel

The Hunter: A Novel

By French, Tana

Tana French is back with her newest, The Hunter. In the scorching summer heat, two men arrive in a quaint West Irish village. One seeks homecoming, both seek wealth— but for one, it's a journey towards death.

Cal Hooper left Chicago PD for rural Ireland seeking peace after early retirement. Building a life with local woman Lena and mentoring Trey Reddy, a troubled teen, their tranquility shatters when Trey's estranged father arrives with an English millionaire on a gold-seeking scheme. Cal and Lena are determined to protect Trey by any means. But Trey doesn’t seek protection, she seeks revenge.

How to Solve Your Own Murder by Kristen Perrin

How to Solve Your Own Murder: A Novel (Castle Knoll Files, 1)

How to Solve Your Own Murder: A Novel (Castle Knoll Files, 1)

By Perrin, Kristen

In 1965, teenage Frances Adams receives a chilling prediction at an English country fair: she will be murdered. Determined to change her fate, Frances spends a lifetime gathering information on everyone she meets to prevent her own demise. Despite skepticism, Frances's ominous prophecy unfolds almost sixty years later when she is found murdered, just as she had foreseen.

Summoned to her great-aunt Frances's country estate, Annie Adams arrives in Castle Knoll to find Frances mysteriously deceased. Thanks to Frances’s habit of compiling the secrets and lies of others, Annie navigates a village filled with eccentric locals who hold some type of motive. She’s determined to unveil the dark mystery at the heart of Castle Knoll, but will her pursuit of the past lead her to the killer's doorstep?

As Annie nears the truth, the looming danger makes her worry that she might share her aunt's fate instead of her fortune.

Lost Man’s Lane by Scott Carson

Lost Man's Lane: A Novel

Lost Man's Lane: A Novel

By Carson, Scott

A summer internship with a private investigator is a dream come true for sixteen-year-old Marshall Miller, especially when the PI is investigating Bloomington, Indiana's most shocking crime in decades: a local woman's disappearance after being seen in the backseat of a police car driven by an impersonator.

Marshall's internship thrusts him into the heart of the action, a role he embraces until a chilling incident transforms public admiration for his keen observations and uncanny memory into accusations of deceit, casting doubt on the case. His detective mentor withdraws, while friends and family whisper concerns, leaving Marshall to grapple with the realization that the darkness enveloping his town extends beyond a solitary crime.

Now, his mission is twofold: to unravel the mystery and defend his own integrity.

Watch Where They Hide by Tamron Hall

Watch Where They Hide: A Jordan Manning Novel

Watch Where They Hide: A Jordan Manning Novel

By Tamron Hall

Following the morning routine of dropping her child off at preschool, Marla Hancock, a stay-at-home mother, goes missing. Having recently left her verbally abusive husband in rural Indiana to live with her sister, Shelly, the idea of Marla vanishing without her children seems implausible to Shelly.

However, facing limited assistance from the local police department and media outlets, Shelly fears Marla's disappearance may not receive the necessary attention or, worse yet, remain unsolved. After weeks of filing a missing person’s report, she turns to TV journalist Jordan Manning for assistance.

Jordan Manning's ascent in the newsroom accelerates, due to her adept investigative and reporting skills that have successfully solved multiple murders. Recognized as more than a conventional news reporter, she's earned the reputation of a "fixer" with a vigilant edge, persistently pursuing the truth.

Despite her newfound status, Jordan senses the ongoing need to validate herself as a young Black professional. When Shelly seeks her help in locating Marla, Jordan feels an undeniable compulsion to embark on a search filled with unexpected twists, exposing scandals and secrets that place her own life in great danger.

A Grave Robbery by Deanna Raybourn

A Grave Robbery: A Veronica Speedwell Mystery, Book 9

A Grave Robbery: A Veronica Speedwell Mystery, Book 9

By Deanna Raybourn

Lord Rosemorran acquires a stunning reclining wax figure and tasks Stoker with adding a clockwork mechanism, envisioning a Sleeping Beauty for the Rosemorran Collection.

However, when Stoker attempts to install the mechanism, a horrifying revelation unfolds—this isn't a mere wax figure. The mannequin is the beautifully preserved body of a once-living young woman. This mystery deepens as Stoker grapples with the unsettling discovery and the sinister questions it raises. Who led her to this tragic fate?

Veronica and Stoker embark on their most daring adventure as they pursue the villain behind this gruesome crime. Their quest takes them from secretive laboratories experimenting with electricity and reanimating the dead, in the vein of Frankenstein, to the traveling show where Stoker once toured in the past.

Set against the gaslit backdrop of October in London, the stage is perfect for this exploration into the unknown.

Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter? by Nicci French

Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?: A Novel

Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?: A Novel

By French, Nicci

On Alec Salter's fiftieth birthday celebration, his wife Charlotte disappears unnoticed in the small English village of Glensted. As Alec brushes off her absence, the concern intensifies for their four children, particularly fifteen-year-old Etty.

Amidst the chilling winter days, Etty and her friend Morgan stumble upon the body of Duncan Ackerley, the Salters' neighbor, and Morgan's father, in the river. The police's verdict suggests an affair between Duncan and Charlotte led to the homicide of Charlotte and the suicide of Duncan.

Three decades later, Morgan Ackerley and his elder brother revisit Glensted to create a podcast centered on their shared tragedy with the Salters. Alec, grappling with dementia, is moving to an elder care facility, with Etty assisting in organizing his affairs. However, when the Ackerleys seek interviews with the Salters, the entire town becomes entangled in the web of unresolved cases.

Amidst swirling accusations, revelations, and a suspicious fire that turns deadly, the podcast's sensational coverage attracts national attention. Detective Inspector Maud O'Connor is dispatched from London to assume control of the Glensted investigation. Unyielding in her pursuit of truth, she is determined to unravel the disturbing reality behind the fates of Charlotte Salter and Duncan Ackerley as a chilling narrative begins to surface.

Day One by Abigail Dean

Day One: A Novel

Day One: A Novel

By Dean, Abigail

In the serene backdrop of a village hall, a primary school play, and a picturesque Lake District town in England, an ominous figure emerges—a lone gunman whose deeds trigger a chain of events with devastating repercussions for the tightly-knit community of Stonesmere.

Amid the aftermath of the cataclysm, conspiracy theories emerge, casting doubt on the events. Marty, the town's golden girl whose mother was killed that day, and Trent, haunted by memories of trying to assimilate into Stonesmere, become central figures in the growing turmoil surrounding the mysterious incident that claimed lives.

What really happened at the Day One assembly? Marty's concealed secrets and the blindspots overlooked by Trent raise questions. In a world where information spreads rapidly, with videos and gossip moving even faster, how can a community navigate the path forward collectively?