11 Social Media Thrillers That Give the Genre New Chills

You'll never touch your phone again—except to update Goodreads. 

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  • Photo Credit: Prateek Katyal / Unsplash

The Six Guests

By Diana Wilkinson


The Regret

By Dan Malakin


In the Dark

By Vikki Patis


How To Kill Your Friends

By Phil Kurthausen

influence daniel hurst

Influence: A Social Media Thriller

By Daniel Hurst

friend request

Friend Request

By Laura Marshall

people like her ellery lloyd

People Like Her

By Ellery Lloyed

this is not over holly brown

This Is Not Over

By Holly Brown

follow me kathleen barber

Follow Me

By Kathleen Barber

the social affair britney king

The Social Affair

By Britney King

the hive barry lyga morgan baden

The Hive

By Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden