8 Must-Read Crime Thriller Books

    These twists and turns exist outside of the law. 

    by Sarah Mangiola

    8 Pulse-Racing Mysteries by Ruth Rendell

    The three-time Edgar Award winner introduced psychological thrills to the mystery genre.

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    9 Gripping New Thrillers Coming in 2019

    Your guide on what and who to read this year. 

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    Must-Read Crime Fiction: The Best Michael Connelly Books

    The genius behind the Harry Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer novels is one of the biggest names in crime fiction today.

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    9 Beach Reads That'll Give You Chills on a Hot Day

    Explore the dark side while you're lying in the sun.

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    Author Alan Jacobson Explores the Dark Side of the Moon

    The novelist interviews Lt. Colonel Moon Milham, who helped ensure the stakes in his latest military thriller felt all-too-real.

    by Alan Jacobson

    Desperate: A Dream Come True Becomes a Couple's Worst Nightmare

    In accepting Lily as their surrogate, have hopeful parents Gage and Anna made a deal with the devil?

    by Olivia Mason

    Murder & Mayhem Pick: Death Wish, by Brian Garfield

    There's so much more to Garfield's original crime thriller than what you see on the big screen.

    by Rob Hart

    8 Must-Read Books by Andrew Klavan

    As the author of more than 30 suspense novels, Klavan certainly brings the thrills.

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    [CLOSED] Enter to Win a Thriller Book Bundle!

    This exciting giveaway includes the newly published, "The Naturalist," by A&E star Andrew Mayne.

    by Murder & Mayhem Staff

    9 Underrated Thriller Books

    Looking for something new to keep you enthralled?

    by Sarah Mangiola

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