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FX Adapts a Riveting Thriller with The Old Man

Age is just a number that pales in comparison to a body count...

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Bestselling author Thomas Perry published his acclaimed thriller novel The Old Man in January of 2017. The action of the tale follows Dan Chase, a seemingly typical Vermont retiree who keeps himself company with two big dogs and occasional phone calls to his daughter. But unlike most other 60-year-olds, Dan has a stash of different identities, money tucked away in banks all over America, and two Beretta Nanos in his closet.

Dan has been on the run for decades. Decades ago he was a CIA agent who followed his conscience rather than his orders. Now his past has caught up with him, and someone wants him dead.

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This exciting thriller is being brought to life for the small screen this June by co-creators and writers Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, complete with a heavy-hitting cast. Jeff Bridges in the role of Dan Chase, bringing veteran acting chops and impeccable swagger to an already juicy character. John Lithgow is playing opposite him in the role of Harold Harper, a former friend of Chase's and a big honcho in the FBI out to track him down. More sizzling tension is added to the plot with Chase's love interest, Zoe, who's portrayed by Amy Brenneman. Other actors attached to the project include Alia Shawkat, Gbenga Akinnagbe, and Faran Tahir.

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Edgy and exhilarating, this series is a wild ride full of taut tension, crackling dialogue, and a beloved actor in his 70s playing an entirely convincing action hero. While so many action series focus on beginnings of stories, this is a tale very much about an end. With the looming sense of the close of a chapter—for better or worse—there is a lot of heart in each episode.

The first episode of this seven-part series premieres on FX on June 16th, and will become available for streaming on Hulu the day after.

As you wait for The Old Man to hit your screen, take a look at the action-packed trailer below.

For a look at the thrilling source material for this adaptation, check out The Old Man by Thomas Perry below.