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11 Miss Marple-Approved Gifts for Agatha Christie Superfans

Mystery solved.

agatha christie gifts
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Agatha Christie needs no introduction. The Queen of Crime penned sixty-six detective novels and many short story collections in her lifetime, creating such immortal fictional sleuths as Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. She was the first author to receive the Mystery Writers of America’s Grand Master Award, was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1956 for her contributions to literature, and according to Guinness World Records is the bestselling fiction author of all time, having sold more than two billion copies of her works.

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Crack open any Christie mystery today, and it's easy to see why the author remains so popular. Be it the wily charm of the mustachioed Hercule Poirot or the winking brilliance of Miss Jane Marple, Christie's fans return to her work again and again—and they're always looking for collectibles to declare their love for the author. 

Is there a Miss Marple superfan in your life who deserves a thank you? Perhaps you know a Poirotphile growing out their own magnificent mustache who could use something special. Don't worry those little grey cells, dear sleuth. Here are the best Agatha Christie gifts for supersleuths everywhere, be it yourself or your detective-loving friend. 

Little Grey Cells: The Quotable Poirot Agatha Christie Gifts

Little Grey Cells: The Quotable Poirot

By Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot is known for his deductive skills and his exceptionally striking facial hair. Add to that list Poirot's quick wit and you have a literary sleuth for the ages. This lovely guide collects the Belgian detective's best one-liners. Buy it in ebook format for your favorite sleuth on the move, or opt for the hardcover version to present a great coffee table book!

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Agatha Christie Gifts

The Agatha Christie Crossword Puzzle Book

By Randall Toye

Need more challenging puzzles to solve? This book of crosswords inspired by Agatha Christie's best mysteries is the perfect way to test those little grey cells.

Agatha Christie: Death On The Cards Board Game

Death of the Cards Agatha Christie

Gather your fellow armchair sleuths for this fun card game; it's the perfect gift for the gang to enjoy. Inspired by Christie's works, players must use their deduction skills to oust the murderous traitor among them, unveiling one another's secrets along the way. 

Agatha Christie gifts

The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie

By Dick Riley, Pam McAllister, Julian Symons

This handy reference guide contains all the information you need to follow Christie's mysteries—without spoiling the solution, of course! It's perfect for the Christie fan on the go. Wherever you bring your Christie mystery be sure to carry along this as well so you can keep up with Christie's brilliant sleuths. 

Agatha Christie Bookmark

agatha christie gifts

There's no shortage of new mystery books out there vying for your attention. In fact, for some readers, it may be daunting to jump into a fresh case! For all those in need of a little encouragement, this wooden bookmark featuring Agatha Christie will certainly help. Trust in Agatha to save your spot, and you'll never be lost again.  

A is for Arsenic by Agatha Christie and Kathryn Harkup

A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie

By Agatha Christie, Kathryn Harkup

Poison was a recurring theme in Christie's novels; indeed, Christie's first published mystery, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, features Hercule Poirot investigating the baffling poisoning death of the elderly Emily Inglethorp. In this fascinating read, which was shortlisted for the BMA Book Awards and Macavity Awards, Kathryn Harkup examines fourteen Christie novels and the poisons the Queen of Crime used in each of her narratives. Harkup explains how each chemical works in the body to kill its subject, the feasibility of administering and detecting these poisons, and the real cases Christie used as inspiration for her novels.

Hunt A Killer | Agatha Christie’s The Mystery at Hunter’s Lodge - Immersive Murder Mystery Game

Agatha Christie Mystery of Hunter's Lodge murder mystery game

Sometimes, reading a murder mystery is not enough, and what you need is the immersive experience of solving a murder mystery on your own! With this fantastic mystery game, players experience being inside an Agatha Christie novel. This is a collector's edition from Hunt A Killer and is based on Christie's novel The Mystery at Hunter's Lodge. When the generous millionaire Harrington Pace is murdered in his bed,  Captain Arthur Hastings turns to you for assistance with solving the case. So settle in for a night of intrigue and fun—it's time to solve a murder!

Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks

Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks

By John Curran

Following the death of Christie's daughter, Rosalind, a trove of handwritten notes and outlines of Agatha's works was released. Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks collects a wide array of these discoveries and is the perfect gift for Christie fans. Within its pages, you'll find facsimiles of Christie's handwritten notes, revelations, and illustrations about her famous books and two complete and previously unreleased Hercule Poirot short stories.

Agatha Christie Broken Book Spines Mug

Agatha Christie broken spines mug

Great for OG Agatha Christie fans, this mug is covered with broken spines of the classic covers of some of Christie's most popular novels. Featured on the mug are worn book spines, evoking the nostalgia of used book stores with that classic vintage book smell.

Miss Marple: The Complete Collection

Miss Marple collection Agatha Christie Gifts

Agatha Christie's mysteries inspired multiple adaptations over the years, from star-studded movies to celebrated mystery shows. This DVD box set collects every episode of the BBC's beloved Miss Marple, starring Joan Hickson as the brilliant small-town amateur sleuth. It's the perfect gift for the Christie completist. 

Agatha Christie Gifts

Hercule Poirot Whodunit Puzzle Collection

By Tim Dedopulos

Think you have what it takes to match wits with Belgium's world-renowned private detective? Test your skills with this collection of whodunnit puzzles, and see if you're able to best Poirot's powers of deduction. Hercule Poirot Whodunit Puzzles contains over 100 puzzles to solve. Even die-hard fans of Christie's novels will find more than a few challenges in these pages. 

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