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These Heart Racing Thriller Audiobooks Will Keep You Guessing Until the Very End

Detectives, Nazis, and psychopaths populate these thrilling listens.

best thriller audiobooks ibooks

Need more than a good run to get your heart pumping? These thrillers, some of the very best audiobooks Apple Books has to offer, will do the trick.

Apple Books is the revitalized interface of iBooks. With thousands (and thousands) of books and audiobooks to choose from, you'll never run out of thrillers to keep your mind racing. Start off with these options to sample some of the best thriller audiobooks out there.

best thriller audiobooks ibooks


By Caroline Kepnes

You is getting plenty of buzz right now thanks to Lifetime's television adaptation, starring Penn Badgley. But the book, and specifically the audiobook, deserve plenty of love too. You is narrated by Santino Fontana, whose (too?) charming voice you may remember as the two-faced prince in Disney's Frozen. Perfectly capturing both the charisma and repulsion of Joe's obsession with Beck, this audiobook is not one to miss.

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best thriller audiobooks ibooks

Black Water Rising

By Attica Locke

Locke's 2017 novel, Bluebird, Bluebird, received the type of praise that authors only dream of. But her debut, Black Water Rising, possesses the same narrative thrust but with an intricate layering of stories unlike any other thriller. Dion Graham's narration is just as intense as Jay Porter's tale.

best thriller audiobooks ibooks

Pretty Girls

By Karin Slaughter

Slaughter is not for those with a distaste for graphic violence. But if you have a stomach of steel and prefer to be fully invested in your tales of woe, there's nothing like the audiobook of Pretty Girls to leave you ever-so-off-kilter.

best thriller audiobooks ibooks

Mystic River

By Dennis Lehane

Scott Brick is a powerhouse of the audiobook world, as Dennis Lehane is of the gritty thriller. Put the two together, and you've got a visceral thriller delivered straight to your ears. Whether you've seen the movie, read the book, or never encountered the story before, Mystic River is well worth the listen.

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best thriller audiobooks ibooks

Eye of the Needle

By Ken Follett

Ken Follett excels at transporting his reader to a specific era, whether the Middle Ages or the Cold War. In Eye of the Needle, you'll find yourself in the midst of World War II, surrounded by the British seaside, as a German spy becomes increasingly disillusioned with his path.

best thriller audiobooks ibooks


By Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz rides that fine line between thriller and horror in each of his books. But in Intensity, you'll find a thriller that will appeal to even those with the strictest opinion of genre divisions. Without a spoken performance, Intensity is gripping. With it, it's impossible to pause.

best thriller audiobooks ibooks

Strangers on a Train

By Patricia Highsmith

Highsmith's classic thriller is brought to life in a whole new way. Her very first novel, Strangers on a Train cemented her reputation as a high-stakes thriller writer. Much deeper and darker than Hitchcock's film, prepare yourself for a plunge into the disturbing psyche of a stranger.

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best thriller audiobooks ibooks

An Untamed State

By Roxane Gay

Miri Jameson, beloved daughter of a wealthy family, beloved wife, and still-newly a mother, is kidnapped by seven men. An Untamed State doesn't just delve into the terrible things that happen during her captivity–although it certainly doesn't shy away from the details–it also draws a portrait of a woman whose spirit will not be broken without the fiercest of fights.

best thriller audiobooks ibooks

The Good Son

By You-jeong Jeong

If The Bad Seed were a crime novel, it would be The Good Son. Twenty-six-year-old Yu-Jin wakes up in the home he shares with his mother, with no memory of what happened over the last three days. When he discovers his mother, throat slit with his razor, he knows that something terrible has happened. But whether he carried out the killing or someone else did the deed is far less clear.

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