10 Gripping Legal Thrillers for Fans of Last Trial Author Scott Turow

You'll be on the edge of the bench with these suspenseful legal thrillers.

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Buy The Hanging Judge at Amazon

The Hanging Judge

By Michael Ponsor

Buy The Outside Man at Amazon

The Outside Man

By Richard North Patterson

Buy It Happened at Two in the Morning at Amazon

It Happened at Two in the Morning

By Alan Hruska

Buy Immoral Certainty at Amazon

Immoral Certainty

By Robert K. Tanenbaum

Buy Blood Relations at Amazon

Blood Relations

By Barbara Parker

Buy Key Witness at Amazon

Key Witness

By J. F. Freedman

Buy A Matter of Conviction at Amazon

A Matter of Conviction

By Ed McBain

Buy Anatomy of a Jury at Amazon

Anatomy of a Jury

By Seymour Wishman

Buy Cruel Justice at Amazon

Cruel Justice

By William Bernhardt