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10 Murder Mystery Games for a Night of Sleuthing

Think you're up to the challenge, detective?

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As mystery fans, we're happy to while away our weekends with a good detective novel or two... or twenty. But even the most avid reader will want to take a crack at solving their own case every now and then. 

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Whether you're looking to flex your investigative skills and deductive reasoning on your own or join forces with friends and family for a night of thrills, the following murder mystery games are sure to satisfy your urge for sleuthing. Think you're up to the challenge, detective? 

Unsolved Case Files: Who Killed Harmony Ashcroft?

Murder Mystery Board Games

On May 8th, 1998, Harmony Ashcroft was murdered in the small Indiana town of Riverdale on the night before her wedding. A suspect was arrested and charged for the murder but the details never quite added up. Is the real killer still on the loose? Take on the case, reevaluating over 50 documents and photos from the original investigation. All the clues are there, but no one's ever put them in the right order... Until you came along, that is. 

Cold Case Crackers:12th Street Theater Case

Murder Mystery Board Games

The 12th Street Theater Case went cold, and the murder of Victoria Frankie was never resolved. There was no physical evidence, but you and your team of fellow sleuths (if you so choose to assemble them) have decided to look over the cell phone records, suspect profiles, and witness statements to determine the true identity of the killer. The truth is laid out before you—you just need to piece together the solution. 

Death at the Dive Bar

Death at the Dive Bar murder mystery game

Death at the Dive Bar is authentic and immersive investigation designed to feel like solving a real-life murder mystery. Players decode ciphers, piece together clues, consider all the evidence—and solve the crime. It’s like an escape room delivered right to your door. It's wonderful for  date nights, game night, teaming up with friends and family, or even playing on your own. For 1-5 players, this exciting game delivers 45-60 minutes of playing time.

Sherlock Holmes - The Thames Murders & Other Cases

sherlock holmes gifts

It would be hard for a single person to become as great a detective as Sherlock Holmes, but get enough friends together and your collective efforts might come close. Flex your sleuthing skills with this Holmesian game, and immerse yourselves in a multitude of cases that will test your deductive reasoning. 

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St. Noire - an Alexa Hosted Cinematic Board Game

Murder Mystery Board Games

Hey, Alexa: How do you solve this mystery? This thrilling board game is specially designed to work with Amazon's AI voice service, delivering a truly immersive mystery experience for Alexa-enabled players. St. Noire depicts a small-town murder with a killer swearing to strike again. You and your friends must solve the mystery before time runs out. Question suspects by calling out to Alexa through your speaker-enabled device (sold separately), which will provide high-quality voice acting and soundscapes, setting the perfect atmosphere for your investigation. 

Unsolved Case Files: Max Cahill

Murder Mystery Board Games

Max Cahill was killed on October 26th, 1995, and the question of "whodunnit?" has never been properly answered. Comb over the facts of the original case file, and find the clues investigators missed. How'd the killer get past the security cameras? Whose alibi falls apart under scrutiny? Are you perceptive enough to connect the dots and reveal the killer? 

Conundrum Case Files: Murder at The Festival

Murder Mystery Board Games

For the code crackers out there, this case file will put your family's collective problem-solving skills to the test. A murder has occurred at the Berryville festival, with only eight prime suspects to profile and question. Conundrum Case Files presents a slower-paced mystery, perfect for cozy nights in with the family. Take your time poring over the detailed police files and collected evidence as you deduce which suspect committed the crime.

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Crime Scene Forensic Science Kit: The Missy Hammond Murder

Murder Mystery Board Games

Looking to get your hands dirty with an interactive murder mystery? Central to this engaging game is a forensic test kit, inviting you and your friends to examine fingerprints, clothing samples spattered with (artificial) blood, and extensive police case files via the internet. The Missy Hammond murder case appears to lack obvious evidence, but aspiring detectives with a knack for forensic science will know that the smallest clue can be the key to solving a mystery. 

Criminal Investigation Unit

Murder Mystery Board Games

The CIU could use a few more eyes and ears to solve their mysteries. Are you up to the task? A Killing Affair's Criminal Investigation Unit game plays out just like your favorite mystery show, with each case made up of five interlinking episodes. At the end of the five-episode season, the killer is revealed—provided you can solve the mystery, of course. Gather your friends and family adn work through each episode, eliminating key suspects until you unearth the clues necessary to point out the killer in the season finale. Season 1 is set in the city of Lovely, Florida, with families terrorized for years by a serial killer. Separate the trivial gossip from eye-witness accounts, and uncover the secrets of victims and suspects alike to help law enforcement finally end this nightmare. 

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Cold Case Crackers: Addenberg Train Bomber Case

Murder Mystery Board Game

Investigators abandoned this fictional case centered on a train bombing, having found no leads or suspects. The attacker escaped justice, but you and your team of cold case detectives may have what it takes to finally solve the mystery. Move through each phase of the investigation, and be ready for shocking twists and turns. The standard evidence isn't enough this time, leaving you to turn to blog diagrams, eye-witness interviews, strange letters, and more.

Use your phone or laptop to view all the evidence, receiving online codes and audio clues to help crack the case. Designed for both solo and group play, the Addenberg Train Bomber Case makes for a great game night mystery. 

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