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15 Perplexing Mystery Puzzles to Keep Your Sleuthing Skills Sharp

Can you piece together the mystery? 

Featured Image Witch's Kitchen Mystery Puzzles

Calling all armchair detectives and jigsaw connoisseurs: do you have what it takes to solve these perplexing mystery puzzles? We tracked down the best mystery puzzles around, from escape room-style puzzles with riddles in the artwork to thrilling cases that include a short mystery and actual clues embedded in the puzzle pieces. We're sure at least one of these sets would leave Sherlock Holmes scratching his head. 

15 of the Best Mystery Puzzles

Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band

Mystery Puzzles Sherlock Holmes

Starting off with a treat for fans of the signature sleuth himself, this Holmesian jigsaw contains a murder mystery waiting to be solved. Including a story of a perplexing death behind the gates of Stoke Moran Manor House, assembling the pieces reveals the hidden clues necessary to solve the case. Extra points to perceptive readers who recognize the setting: this mystery puzzle is based on a Sherlock Holmes adventure written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Bits and Pieces 3 in 1 Mystery Puzzle Set


This set includes puzzles depicting murders at Bedford Manor, on the high seas, and in a museum. 500 pieces each, you’re sure to be entertained for hours on end. When you’re done with the puzzles, you can pick up the included storybook and read all about the events you just pieced together.

Escape Room The Game Puzzle Adventures The Secret of The Scientist


Get all of the fun of an escape room without leaving your house! This puzzle features 5 separate ‘rooms’ that you and some friends can put together to unravel the mystery of what happened to the scientist. Make a game out of it and break into 5 teams to compete to finish your room the fastest.

BePuzzled Clue Classic Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle


This 1,000 piece puzzle features a scene from the game night favorite: Clue. If you’ve already figured out that Ms. Scarlet was the culprit in the kitchen with the candlestick, continue the fun and piece together an image of your favorite characters.

The World of Agatha Christie: 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


The Queen of Crime is waiting for you to piece together a portrait of her and some of her most iconic characters. Filled with easter eggs from her many many books, this Agatha Christie puzzle is perfect for mystery fans. See if you can pick out which items are from which novels! This puzzle even includes a poster with fun facts about the bestselling author.

A Is for Arson

A is for Arson Mystery Puzzles

This intriguing set is the first in the series of Alphabet Murders by TDC Games, inviting you to help piece together who burned down Benji Patel's restaurant. The building lies in ruin with a charred body inside; it certainly doesn't look like an accident. Sleuths will discover two 500-piece puzzles contained within the puzzle set box, one that represents a "before" image and the other that contains "after" evidence of the crime. The pieces are all mixed together for hours of puzzling fun. Gather your clues, and finally hold up the completed puzzle to a mirror to solve the mystery.

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Space Observatory Escape Puzzle

Escape Room Puzzle Space Observatory

Ravensburger escape room puzzles are some of the most engaging games an armchair sleuth could play. Completing the image is merely half the fun, as a more urgent matter is at hand: a comet is headed straight for Earth! The solution to saving the planet is hidden in the observatory, but finding it is a puzzle all on its own. Have a notepad nearby, and pay attention to any details that look important.

Grounds for Murder

Grounds for Murder Mystery Puzzles

A murder has been committed at the local coffee shop and all the regulars are suspects. Make sure to read the booklet included in this puzzle box to find out what suspicious goings-on were brewing prior to the slaying. You may need a few cups of java yourself to help with this puzzle, and to connect the clues in the picture. 

Murder at Bedford Manor

Murder at Bedford Manor Mystery Puzzles

Another murder, another puzzle to solve: with an original story by Claudio Busto, the clues to this Bedford Manor murder are hidden in the pieces. Sleuths be warned, assembling this puzzle is as difficult a task as discovering the culprit, but we have faith in your skills. 

Recipe for Murder

A Recipe for Murder Mystery Puzzles

Pro tip: Always invite an inspector to your dinner parties; they come in handy in case one of the other guests is mysteriously poisoned. Such is the case in A Recipe for Murder. Comb through the story included in this set, puzzling over the motives of the chef, hostess, and other guests. Then get to work on piecing together the jigsaw puzzle to reveal the truth. Just make sure you leave enough room on your table to have a meal!

C Is for Chocolate

Alphabet Murders C is for Chocolate Mystery Puzzles

There's a bitter taste to some of the sweets in this whodunnit. Death isn't exactly uncommon in a nursing home, but poison seems to be involved. With two puzzles to crack, and a solution that reveals itself in the mirror, only the most perceptive of sleuths will solve this jigsaw mystery puzzle. Make sure to have some chocolate on hand to add to the experience—just try not to lose track of time (or calories). 

Murder on the Titanic

Murder on the Titanic Mystery Puzzles

This 1,000-piece mystery puzzle set aboard the RMS Titanic is perfect mystery lovers and history buffs alike. Wealthy twin sisters aboard the Titanic are thrust into a murder mystery of romance and betrayal. All the while, the great vessel cruises across the open ocean, headed for certain doom. Clever clues and a sweeping historical narrative come together to produce an epic jigsaw mystery that will keep you puzzling long into the night. 

Alfred Hitchcock: A Mystery

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Puzzles

One of the most extensively studied filmmakers in cinema history couldn't have that many secrets left to uncover, right? This thrilling mystery puzzle centers on a fanatical fan of Hitchcock's movies. It's the perfect murder mystery for any admirer of Hitchcock's classic films. Keep your wits about you and stop the killer before they strike again.

Witch's Kitchen

Witch's Kitchen Mystery Puzzles

Who doesn't love a locked room mystery? For fans of spooky mysteries and supernatural thrillers, this Witch's Woodland Kitchen is another escape room with puzzles inside of puzzles. After mistaking a poisonous mushroom for a tasty snack, you stumble into a burrow filled with colorful creatures, enchanting artifacts, and, most importantly, potions. Surely you can put together an antidote before time runs out, right? This puzzle is so difficult the final answers are included in a sealed envelope (though we're sure you won't need to open that). There's also a QR code to scan for extra hints if you need them.

Foul Play and Cabernet

Foul Play and Cabaret Mystery Puzzles

Harry Bloom and Ernie Field are brilliant winemakers, but near opposites in every respect. Their differences could help create the best cabernet in Napa Valley. Instead, their arguments got the best of them—and jealous love doesn't pair well with a full-bodied red wine. Pour yourself a glass and read about Ernie's mysterious disappearance, sniff out which pieces to this puzzle are red herrings and which point to foul play. 

Featured image of 'Witch's Kitchen' puzzle via Ravensburger