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7 Mystery & Thriller Books to Read for Gemini Season

The stars say it's time for the Twins of the zodiac to indulge their curiosity.

The book covers of "The Last Time I Lied" by Riley Sager, "The Loop" by Jeremy Robert Johnson, and "Tender Beasts" by Liselle Sambury
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There's something in the air—or maybe it's just Gemini season. These social air signs are quick thinkers who can switch focus at the drop of a dime.

For the most part, they tend to be gentle, well-cultured individuals who love shaking up their routines with adventure. One of the most curious signs of the zodiac, the sign of the Twin is very well suited to mysteries.

From amateur sleuths trying to untangle their past to brilliant professionals finding their place in the world, the stars know exactly what you need to read next. Here are the best mystery and thriller books for Gemini!

The Loop

The Loop

By Jeremy Robert Johnson

This science fiction thriller will capture the attention of any Gemini from the get go—which is no simple task.

Tucked away in the hills of central Oregon is the small tourist town of Turner Falls. Once a beautiful locale, a rapidly growing outbreak makes Turner Falls devolve into violence.

Gemini have a hard time committing to things, but this scary page-turner will leave them no choice! The world of The Loop demands adaptability, which will excite these air signs and speak to their strengths.

Gin and Panic

Gin and Panic

By Maia Chance

Speaking of adaptable, in this entertaining read, a Prohibition-era New York City private eye must think quick to change tactics in her latest case.

Lola Woody is a former socialite scrambling to make ends meet by taking on cases with her Swedish sidekick, Berta. Her current gig is supposed to be a breeze: nab a trophy from the mansion of big game hunter Rudy Montgomery.

But things get a little more complicated when Rudy is shot dead soon after Lola arrives.

While the police conclude Rudy killed himself, Lola's client, Lord Sudley, doesn't buy it. Now it's up to Lola to find the killer amidst a hefty pile of suspicious acquaintances.

A Woman of Intelligence

A Woman of Intelligence

By Karin Tanabe

Gemini is famous for their dual personality, often coming across as two different people trapped inside one adventurous body. And while sometimes that can be a fun time for them, it sometimes means they're pulled in two different directions…

This exciting historical thriller takes place in 1954. For Katharina Edgeworth, the post-war American Dream has lost its shine. In the 1940s, this Ivy-League-educated daughter of immigrants used her quadrilingual talents to translate for the United Nations. While her days were spent contributing to the fight for world peace, her nights were a wild swirl of cocktails and fun.

Her life now is a domestic prison. She should be content with her pediatric surgeon husband, their two healthy sons, and their family fortune. But she longs for something more than her “perfect” life. So when the FBI asks her to join them as an informant, she doesn't hesitate.

It's up to her to infiltrate the circle of one of her former acquaintances who now acts as a high-level Soviet spy. But her double life may soon come toppling down.

Auntie Poldi And The Lost Madonna

Auntie Poldi And The Lost Madonna

By Mario Giordano

(Soon-to-be) 61-year-old Auntie Poldi is a singular woman, with her wigs, morning shots of grappa, and Bavarian swears. Then again, this hilarious mystery proves she may not be so unique after all…

Things are not going as they should in the Apostolic Palace. After helping with a routine exorcism, a nun has jumped to her death. Now a priest and a shockingly alluring Vatican commissario are knocking on Poldi's door, telling her she's a suspect in their investigation.

The woman who was exorcised claimed—in perfect Bavarian, no less—to be Poldi before she vanished without a trace. Now Poldi must figure out who this stranger is and clear her own name, all while juggling a nephew embroiled in a sour love affair and death threats painted across her door. With a long-lost Madonna statue added to the mix, Poldi may be in over her head.

This confounding case will titillate the natural curiosity of any Gemini, and the vivid characters will feed their sociable nature. Plus a pair of mysterious twins is only appropriate for this air sign.

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The Last Time I Lied

By Riley Sager

During their time at Camp Nightingale, Vivian, Natalie, Allison, and Emma spent countless hours playing Two Truths and a Lie. But summer camp wasn't all fun and games—not the night Emma watched the other girls sneak out of their cabin into the darkness, never to be seen again.

Emma is still haunted by that night 15 years later, turning the trauma into paintings that have her rising fast in the New York art scene.

When these dark paintings pique the interest of the rich owner of Camp Nightingale, Emma is asked to return to the reopened camp as a painting instructor. Overcome with guilt, Emma sees no other option but to accept and step back into her past.

Assigned to the same cabin she slept in as a teen, Emma finds Camp Nightingale looks almost exactly the same as it did all those years ago. But the security camera pointed toward the door is a new and unsettling change. As Emma uncovers mysterious clues about the camp's history, she sets out to find the truth about what happened to her friends.

Geminis can't resist a cold case, and their need for long evasive answers will have them glued to the page.

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You Will Know Me

By Megan Abbott

Devin Knox is a gymnastics prodigy with her heart set on competing in the Olympics. But how far will she and her family go to see that dream become a reality? It seems there's no limit for the Knoxes—until a violent death in the gymnastics community changes everything.

With rumors passing from parent to parent, Devon's mother, Katie, desperately fights to hold her family together. But Katie also finds herself strangely drawn in by the crime, and the closer she looks at her daughter's hopes and fears and her own life and marriage, the more she has to wonder if she really would pay any price for Devon's future.

To put it nicely, Geminis are social butterflies. To put it bluntly, they are gossip mongers. The personal twists and turns of this tale will have them perched on the edge of their seats.

Tender Beasts

Tender Beasts

By Liselle Sambury

Teenage Sunny Behre has been trained by her mother to one day take over as the matriarch. But when her mother dies, she leaves behind only one peculiar instruction: “Take care of Dom.”

Dom is the youngest of Sunny's four siblings, but the two barely know each other. And her caretaking role gets all the more complicated when a gruesome murder takes place at their private school, Dom is pinned as the number one suspect.

Though Dom is found with blood on his hands, he swears by his innocence. Whether she believes her brother or not, Sunny is determined to fulfill her mother's dying wish.

She sets out to find who else the murderer could be, but as more dead bodies turn up, it's no simple task. She bands together with Dom to sift through the dangerous truth, but it turns out her other siblings have no shortage of their own secrets.

While this book adds some YA flair to the list, it doesn't pull its punches. Geminis will have to keep an open and adaptable mind to find answers in this case.

Featured image: František G./Unsplash