16 Powerful Mystery Books by LGBTQ+ Authors to Read During Pride Month and Beyond

Celebrate Pride Month with these gripping whodunits by LGBTQ+ writers.

  • Photo Credit: Nadine Shaabana / Unsplash

Val McDermid

Buy Final Edition and Union Jack at Amazon

Final Edition and Union Jack

By Val McDermid

Barbara Wilson

Buy Trouble in Transylvania at Amazon

Trouble in Transylvania

By Barbara Wilson

A.M. Peacock

Charles Atkins

Buy Vultures at Twilight at Amazon

Vultures at Twilight

By Charles Atkins

Joseph Hansen

Buy A Country of Old Men at Amazon

A Country of Old Men

By Joseph Hansen

Christopher Bram

Buy Hold Tight at Amazon

Hold Tight

By Christopher Bram

Michael Craft

Buy Flight Dreams at Amazon

Flight Dreams

By Michael Craft

Paul Monette

Buy The Gold Diggers at Amazon

The Gold Diggers

By Paul Monette

Scott Sherman

Buy Third You Die at Amazon

Third You Die

By Scott Sherman

John Copenhaver

Buy Dodging and Burning at Amazon

Dodging and Burning

By John Copenhaver

Renee James

Buy A Kind of Justice at Amazon

A Kind of Justice

By Renee James

Michael Nava

Buy The Death of Friends at Amazon

The Death of Friends

By Michael Nava

Sarah Waters

Buy Affinity at Amazon


By Sarah Waters

Rita Mae Brown

Buy Wish You Were Here at Amazon

Wish You Were Here

By Rita Mae Brown

Patricia Highsmith

Buy Strangers on a Train at Amazon

Strangers on a Train

By Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Cornwell

Buy Postmortem at Amazon


By Patricia Cornwell