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10 Riveting New Mystery and Thriller Books Releasing in April 2024

Spring has sprung–but let’s hope these criminals don’t.

collage of new mystery and thriller books coming in april 2024

Spring is a lovely time for most; the flowers begin to bloom, the birds begin to chirp again, and the Earth returns to its rightful, vibrant expanse of color.

But for others, they begin to sweat, and not from the heat. Bodies that were buried in the winter have a nasty way of turning up once the snow melts…

But if you’re not a stone-cold killer, no need to worry!

Whether these new mystery and thriller books take you to a beach or your backyard this April, the thrills and suspense are sure to please—after all, it’s much more enjoyable to read about buried bodies than to worry about someone finding yours, right? 

Daughter of Mine

Daughter of Mine

By Megan Miranda

Almost 10 years ago, Hazel Sharp, daughter of Mirror Lake’s seasoned detective, left home.

But when she suddenly inherits her childhood home, she’s begrudgingly required to return–not just to the house, but to the town and all the people she willingly left behind so long ago.

Then the region’s drought dries out the lake, and Hazel’s heart—and once-buried secrets quickly become uncovered. Secrets that allude to the previously unexplainable mystery of her mother’s disappearance. 

Missing White Woman

Missing White Woman

By Kellye Garrett

A suspenseful tale steeped in our everyday fears, Missing White Woman by Kellye Garrett chronicles the story of Bree. 

She was supposed to be enjoying a romantic getaway weekend in New York with her new boyfriend, Ty—who'd organized everything from the train tickets to the dinner reservations.

But did he also organize the murder of Janelle Beckett, the missing woman the entire internet has been looking for, and the body that Bree discovers on her final morning away? 

With Ty nowhere to be found and a viral body at the bottom of her stairs, Bree doesn’t know where to turn. She reaches out to her ex-best friend, a lawyer with whom Bree has a very complicated relationship, in an attempt to figure out what happened that night—and save herself and Ty from any more trouble.

And like Janelle’s body, sometimes the truth hides in plain sight. 

The Murder of Mr. Ma

The Murder of Mr. Ma

By John Shen Yen Nee, SJ Rozan

Traditional gong'an crime fiction meets Sherlock Holmes in this stunning, post-WWI tale of two Chinese men in London, 1924. Shy academic Lao She never thought his life would be anything but books and lectures–but then he met Judge Dee Ren Jie.

Dee came to London to investigate the murder of a man he knew while serving with the Chinese Labour Corps in WWI. But as soon as Dee finished his interview with the man’s grieving widow, another body stabbed to death with a butterfly sword turned up.

And then another one turned up. Will the two unlikely allies be able to catch the killer before the killer decides they’re next?

Feline Fatale: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

Feline Fatale: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

By Rita Mae Brown

The 32nd book in its series, Feline Fatale comes from a long line of cozy mysteries and readers will be excited to revisit familiar characters but with a structure unlike its near predecessors.

Harry, her long-time friend Susan, and Harry’s furry friends are on the road to attend a political hearing that Susan’s husband is introducing a new bill in. 

Things are getting heated at the hearing, especially between two other delegates, Amanda and Aiden. One of the pages is found dead in the midst of the feud, but does it have anything to do with the feud between Amanda and Aiden? 

one of us knows alyssa cole book cover

One of Us Knows

By Alyssa Cole

From the author of When No One Is Watching comes One of Us Knows, a story about a woman named Kenetria Nash, whose diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder put an end to her historical preservationist career. By some miracle, she and her alters have been offered a position as the resident caretaker of a dormant historic home. 

Just glad to have the opportunity, Ken takes it, even though she has no idea what led them to this house in the first place.

But then the home’s conservation trust stops in unannounced just as a Nor’easter touches down on the island, trapping Ken in the house with a bunch of potentially dangerous strangers, including the man who put an end to her career years earlier. 

And then the man turns up dead–making Ken the prime suspect. Ken and her alters must work quickly to unravel the island’s secrets and prove their innocence before they lose the job–or worse, their lives. 

Kill Her Twice

Kill Her Twice

By Stacey Lee

Lulu Wong is the face of silver-screen fame in 1932’s Los Angeles, not to mention the pride of Chinatown.

Even if the Chow sisters weren’t Lulu’s former classmates and neighbors, they would’ve known her face. So they had no doubts that it was her body they found when they discovered a body in a stable on Lulu’s Beverly Hills estate one morning. 

Insisting that her murder was a result of foul play, the Chow sisters approach the LAPD–but it doesn’t take their claims seriously. Perhaps they’re more concerned with the potential police cover-up the girls have been hearing about, or the powerful city figures who are trying to prove that Chinatown is a crime haven; whatever will encourage its demolition to make room for a new railway depot. 

Knowing that neither the police nor the media will do this crime justice, the girls set out to solve the mystery themselves, and perhaps save their neighborhood in the process. But the killer is still out there, and the girls’ investigation may just set off a dangerous murderer. 

While We Were Burning

While We Were Burning

By Sara Koffi

Elizabeth Smith’s picture-perfect life in the Memphis suburbs comes crashing down upon the mysterious death of her best friend. In an attempt to help herself, she hires a personal assistant; serene and organized Brianna.

But Brianna very quickly transforms from the person who was meant to distract Elizabeth from the obsession, to the person accompanying her investigation. It turns out Brianna is just as curious as Elizabeth is—but for different reasons. 

The police killed Brianna’s young Black son. And someone in Elizabeth’s neighborhood was the one to call the cops on him. But in order to figure out why, Brianna has to intertwine herself in Elizabeth’s life.

The more they uncover, the more the line between friend and employer blurs, and it’s soon revealed that neither of them are exactly who they seem to be. 

Close to Death: A Hawthorne and Horowitz Mystery Book 5

Close to Death: A Hawthorne and Horowitz Mystery Book 5

By Anthony Horowitz

Riverside Close is the idyllic epitome of a tranquil suburban community. Tucked away in their own little bubble, complete with the safety of a locked gate, the residents of Riverside Close enjoy beautiful gardens and a noiseless existence. Or they did; until the Kentworthy family moved in. 

The Kentworthys are everything the other Riverside Close inhabitants aren’t: large, loud, and tasteless. They’re obvious enigmas, and very quickly managed to offend every single resident in the neighborhood.

So when Charles Kentworthy is found dead on his doorstep with an arrow in his chest, Detective Hawthorne is the only investigator they call to find whodunnit…because how can you solve a murder when you have a whole neighborhood of suspects? 

Darling Girls

Darling Girls

By Sally Hepworth

Jessica, Norah, and Alicia have been told how lucky they are for as long as they can remember.

In a way, it’s true; they were rescued from family tragedies and placed in the loving hands of their foster mother, Miss Fairchild, who lived on a beautiful farming estate. Technically, they did have the potential for a second chance. 

But no one knows that Miss Fairchild had rules. That she was unpredictable. That she was never, ever to be crossed.

The three were able to escape her one day and never saw her again; but they spent the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders expecting to find her there. When a body is discovered under their second-chance childhood home, the sisters end up being key witnesses to the crime…or are they prime suspects? 

First Lie Wins

First Lie Wins

By Ashley Elston

Mysterious boss-man Mr. Smith has given Evie Porter a name, a location, and a job to do. Existing as Evie Porter, she learns everything about the town she's been placed in and the people in it. But the most important part of her job revolves around Ryan Sumner. 

Though Evie doesn't know who Mr. Smith is, she knows she can't mess this job up, especially after what happened last time. But Ryan and her new identity is really starting to appeal to her…and right before she enters into dangerous territory, her real identity walks right into town. With the stakes so high, can Evie stay a step ahead of her past while also planning for her future?