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11 of the Best British Podcasts for Mystery Fans

The best tales from across the pond streaming directly into your headphones.

podcasts for british mystery fans
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If you’re here, we know you love a good mystery. There’s something appealing about the idea of unraveling an unsolved case. Whether it’s a real crime, an unanswered phenomenon veering into the supernatural, or the outright fictional, a good mystery is intriguing. We've found 11 of the best British (or British-adjacent) podcasts guaranteed to satisfy and entertain mystery fans of all ages.

The Mystery of Life

If you like mysteries, Jonny and Jo are your new best friends. They cover everything from true crime to aliens, conspiracy theories to ghosts. If it’s a mystery, they want to talk about it. With two seasons firmly under their belt—and more planned—this is perfect for mystery fans who want to explore anything and everything, all while trying to explain the unexplainable through science.

British Murders

Host Stuart Blues loves horror movies and crime documentaries. In 2020, he decided to bring the two together in the British Murders podcast. The episodes range in topics from serial killers to British murder cases, with the occasional horror movie review thrown in. He also interviews various industry professionals, from journalists to investigators. Well-researched with a touch of snark and loads of empathy, British Murders is perfect for the mystery fan looking for topics off-the-beaten path.

All About Agatha (Christie)

In 2016, two podcasters, Catherine Brobeck and Kemper Donovan, set out to read and rank every Agatha Christie novel. Catherine passed away in 2021, but Kemper continued with the project, finishing the ranking and moving on to adaptations, interviews with other Christie obsessives, and generally trying to understand why Christie—and only Christie—has managed to endure as long as she has.

The Discovery Adventures

In this all-star mystery drama series that combines fact with fiction, listeners jump into the role of Sam. With your uncle, you have to find the villains disrupting GPS signals and threatening to unleash chaos all over the UK. Visit some of the UK’s most fascinating places, with most episodes recorded on-site in immersive binaural sound. Featuring some of the best-known outdoor experts, this one-of-a-kind podcast is sure to entertain mystery lovers of all ages.

Murder Most English

Okay, so this isn't a British podcast per se, but Murder Most English hosts Amanda and Kevin Glover are Americans obsessed with the UK. Every week they discuss British mystery shows. They focus on two shows every episode—one new and one classic—that are all available on streaming channels in the US. Whether you’re looking for banter on your favorite shows, or want to find something brand-new, this podcast is the perfect place to start.

UK True Crime Podcast

Every Tuesday since 2016, podcast host Adam takes listeners into the details of lesser-known cases throughout the UK. Through thoughtful commentary and observation, his goal is to leave you thinking about these cases differently. Even if these cases are familiar to you, you may walk away with new insight and perspective. There’s a reason this podcast is known as the home of UK true crime. It won’t disappoint.

They Walk Among Us

Criminals can be anyone: your neighbor, your mailperson, your spouse. Every week, hosted by husband-and-wife team Benjamin and Rosanna Fitton, this podcast delivers compelling cases. If it’s sinister, surreal, or anything in between, the Fittons cover it. Starting in 2016 and going well into their seventh season, They Walk Among Us is an award-winning podcast focusing on crime in the UK. 

Crime Time FM

This podcast has something for everyone—reviews, interviews, features, and more. Every week, the trio of hosts, Paul Burke, Barry Forshaw, and Victoria Selman, give their insights on subjects ranging from the newest mysteries and thrillers to the latest in true crime. Each host has their own episodes, and the three gather monthly to discuss the newest crime fiction. With over 200 episodes, mystery fans are sure to find something they love.

Mystery Maniacs

Co-hosts Mark Bell and Sarah Smith-Robbins recap British mystery television with a comedic flair. Formerly the Midsomer Maniacs, they now cover shows like Poirot, Father Brown, and more. If you love British mystery television, this podcast is for you.

Stuff the British Stole

Have you ever wondered how many of the UK institutions got the artifacts housed inside? Host Marc Fennell zeroes in on one artifact each week, going down the interesting, sometimes hilarious, often tragic history of how it ended up where it did. In 2021, Stuff the British Stole became the #1 history podcast, and is now a hit television series.

Mockery Manor

Do you love Black Mirror? Stranger Things? Hot Fuzz? Then Mockery Manor is the podcast for you. A full-cast production, listeners are taken into the darkest parts of England in the summer of 1989. Mockery Manor is a theme park, but people keep disappearing there. Follow along as two chaotic teenagers hunt down a killer.