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Unlock mystery's best with Murder & Mayhem.

Many mystery books are renowned for their excellent writing, elaborate plots, and dynamic relationships. Because these novels stand out for their impeccable quality, they are often awarded for their success and for their authors’ talents. These accolades include the Edgar Awards, the Anthony Awards, the Agatha Awards,  the International Thriller Writers Awards, and many more. Mystery novels can also receive awards across genre lines, including the Pulitzer Prize, the Hugo Award, the National Book Award, and the Booker Prize, among many others. 

Many award-winning mystery novels are adapted into hit films, podcasts, or other enriched media that follow up on the story. Award-winning children’s mysteries, such as the Nancy Drew series, have been adapted into successful films and other merchandise and media. These award-winning mystery novels are perfect for readers seeking to start reading mystery and crime novels, especially as their writing tends to be more digestible and of higher quality.


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