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10 Best Podcasts for Mystery Lovers On the Go 

 Breathtaking mysteries aren't limited to books.

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While we love books, they aren’t always practical. For example, it is inadvisable to read and drive at the same time. We also wouldn’t suggest having your nose in a book while trying to walk down a busy street. Mystery podcasts are the perfect solution to indulging in your favorite literary genre while on the move. 

Great for keeping you entertained during long walks, road trips, and daily chores, the series we’ve included in this list are the very best podcasts for mystery lovers.

Best Podcasts for Mystery Lovers

Solve This Murder

Solve This Murder is an interactive podcast that is sure to keep you hooked. In the show, Bill Sunderland creates murder mysteries while Dani Siller—and you!—try to solve them. The audience is invited to take notes as new clues are revealed, playing along with the show in an attempt to solve it before they do! As a fun bonus, they enshrine their best audience detectives on their Wall of Detectives

Death by Dying

When the obituary writer from a small town in Idaho notices strange and mysterious circumstances behind the deaths of some of his subjects, he decides to investigate. As he digs deeper into the deaths of these individuals, he comes across “murderous farmers, man-eating cats,” and a “healthy dose of ominous shadows.”

This podcast is perfect for fans of dark humor, but should probably be avoided by those with sensitive stomachs: while the murders are fictional, the podcast does go into detail at times about the states of their bodies.

Dead Air

Dead Air is a podcast-within-a-podcast. A true-crime podcast host is investigating a decades-old murder when she discovers the man currently imprisoned for the crime was wrongfully accused! Follow along as she seeks to justice and nails down the actual killer, who has successfully eluded the authorities for years. 

Rex Rivetter: Private Eye

In this noir-slash-pulp-fiction podcast, Rex Rivetter works as a private eye investigator in 1955 Los Angeles. While many Americans are dazzled by the so-called ‘American Dream,’ Rex Rivetter knows the world is darker than they think. He spends his time on the seedier side of Los Angeles, investigating organized crime, pimps, conmen, and more.


Shedunnit is a great choice for mystery fans looking to learn more about their favorite authors and the history of the genre. On Shedunnit, host Caroline Crampton takes a close look at classic mystery stories by authors like Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Gladys Mitchell to “evoke the social and literary history of the golden age of detective fiction in the 1920s and 1930s.”


This six-part podcast tells the story of a small town in Tennessee, where over 300 men, women, and children disappeared without a trace over a decade ago. Follow along as American Public Radio reporter Lia Haddock seeks to solve the question of, “What happened to the people of Limetown?”

Deadly Manners

Reminiscent of Colonel Mustard being found in the library with the gun, Deadly Manners will delight fans of the popular board game, Clue. In the winter of 1954, the affluent Billings family is throwing their annual dinner party with their typical distinguished guests. 

But things quickly start to go wrong, as a raging blizzard traps all of the dinner party guests inside the mansion. When the guests start being found murdered one-by-one, the hunt is on to find out who’s responsible!

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Podcast

This monthly series contains dramatized readings of the best stories from the magazine’s archives. Enjoy a wide selection of topics, from “the drawing-room mystery to urban noir—including police procedurals, private-eye tales, and locked-room crime stories.”

Passenger List

A transatlantic flight from London to New York goes missing with 256 passengers on board. A college student named Kaitlyn Ye, whose twin brother was on that flight, is determined to find out what happened. Starring Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Colin Morgan (The Fall), Rob Benedict (Supernatural), and Patti Lupone (Les Misérables).

Alice Isn't Dead

Keisha has long assumed her wife Alice is dead. But when Keisha uncovers information that points otherwise, she uses her job as a truck driver to travel across the country to search across America. But in the course of her search, Keisha gets wrapped up in a conspiracy that goes way beyond her missing wife…