13 Cold War Thriller Books for the Spy in All of Us

For your eyes only: a baker’s dozen of thrilling titles from the age of paranoia.

Buy A Time to Kill at Amazon

A Time to Kill

By Geoffrey Household

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Bomb Grade

By Brian Freemantle

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Death Takes the Low Road

By Reginald Hill

Buy The Unfortunate Englishman at Amazon

The Unfortunate Englishman

By John Lawton

Buy Paris City of Night at Amazon

Paris City of Night

By David Downie

Buy The Alpha Deception at Amazon

The Alpha Deception

By Jon Land

Buy The Company of Strangers at Amazon

The Company of Strangers

By Robert Wilson

Buy The Red Horseman at Amazon

The Red Horseman

By Stephen Coonts

Buy Six Days of the Condor at Amazon

Six Days of the Condor

By James Grady

Buy Death of a Dissident at Amazon

Death of a Dissident

By Stuart M. Kaminsky

cold war thriller books

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

By John le Carré

cold war thriller books


By Ian Fleming