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11 New Cozy Mysteries to Crack Open This Fall

Just in time for sweater weather—cozy up with these mysterious new reads!


While your first day of school may be behind you, the crisp autumn season still promises new beginnings—from the changing of the leaves to cracking open your next great cozy mystery. That's why we rounded up eleven of the best new cozy mysteries for you to read this fall. 

Whether you’re new to the genre or a cozy mystery aficionado in search of a captivating new series, now’s the perfect time to don your favorite sweater and fall in love with a fresh case. We found a little something for everyone in the charming mysteries below, from tales of supernatural sleuths and murder cases set in corn mazes to a hardened private eye who partners up with a PTA president to expose the deadly side of school politics.

So settle in and get ready to update your TBR list; here are the perfect cozy mystery books to curl up with on a crisp fall day.

new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Murder at the PTA

By Lee Hollis

And you thought your PTA meetings got ugly. In this clever new mystery, a PI joins forces with a PTA president to investigate a mysterious murder case set at a local school. Tensions are running high at Portland High when a gossipy website called Dirty Laundry threatens to dismantle the reputations of PTA members and administrators—but the matter only escalates when the mastermind behind the website is found dead. Though the death is ruled a suicide, two parents aren’t buying it. Tough single mom and private investigator Maya never thought she’d agree with Sandra, a do-gooder PTA president and the wife of a scandalous politician. Yet the unlikely duo is soon putting their heads together to find out who’s behind the foul play. “Cozy goes hard-boiled” (Kirkus Reviews) in this suspenseful series debut that will have readers clamoring for the next installment.

new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

A Brushstroke with Death

By Bethany Blake

Set for publication October 29, this new cozy mystery series by bestselling author Bethany Blake is sure to be a hoot. Quirky Willow Bellamy has channeled her artistic talent into teaching classes at the Owl and Crescent Studio, a barn that she refurbished into her own small business. But painting isn’t her only gift—Willow also has the ability to “see” things invisible to others, just like her mother and grandmother before her. When an unsavory local restaurant owner is murdered, Willow relies on her clairvoyance to search for the killer. Easier said than done; the suspect list is long, comprised of the countless enemies that the victim accumulated over her lifetime. By her side is Bradley Wheeler, an attractive detective who doesn’t put much stock into potions and visions. Though they have very different ideas of how to proceed, Willow and Bradley are soon making headway on the confounding investigation—and Willow finds that there may be some truth to the old adage that opposites attract. Pre-order your copy today. 

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new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody

By Barbara Ross

If you’ve got a match that needs making or a feud that needs diffusing, then Jane Darrowfield is your go-to gal. Jane never expected to be paid for her sparkling social skills and discretion, but after a year of retirement, she’s willing to do anything to spice up her life. Her first assignment as a professional busybody is to infiltrate a cantankerous retirement community and try to dissolve the vicious cliques that have formed. But when one of the residents is found bludgeoned to death with a golf club, Jane’s determination to do some serious sleuthing is par for the course. Her resolve will get her into some sticky situations with her fellow retiree community, who are much sharper—and more dangerous—than they first appear. Join Jane to find out which grandparent is capable of murder in this irresistible new whodunit.

new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Death by Jack-o'-Lantern

By Alexis Morgan

There’s a spooky surprise in store for Abby McCree in this chilling seasonal mystery. As part of her planning duties for the Halloween Festival in Snowberry Creek, Washington, Abby is picking up some pumpkins from Ronald Minter's farm when she stumbles upon Ronald's corpse. The crotchety farmer was stabbed to death in his own corn maze, and the talk of the town is that a homeless veteran was responsible. But when Abby’s tenant reveals that he’s convinced the vet didn’t do it, she’s swayed to look into the tragedy to ensure an innocent man isn’t put behind bars—and a killer allowed to walk free.

new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Fatal Cajun Festival

By Ellen Byron

Maggie Crozat faces an uphill battle to clear her friend’s name in the fifth installment in the Cajun Country series. The proprietor of a successful B&B, Maggie’s taking some well-deserved time off to attend Cajun Country Live!, where her friend Gaynell will be performing alongside her band the Gator Girls. But the tunes will have to wait. Tammy Barker, a devious diva with the voice of an angel, concocts a plan to sabotage Gaynell—by pinning a murder on her competitor. Now Maggie must go undercover as a groupie to infiltrate Tammy’s inner circle and prove Gaynell’s innocence before it’s too late.

new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Twisted at the Root

By Ellen Hart

Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster Ellen Hart “ramp[s] up the creepiness” (Kirkus) in the latest addition to her long-running series. Years after Rashad May was convicted of his husband’s murder, questions remain. So when Rashad contacts his defense attorney Ray Lawless—private investigator Jane Lawless’s father—with evidence that may point to a different perpetrator altogether, the case is officially reopened. Jane is prepared to ask her brother, Peter, some tough questions about the case, including vital information that he may be able to divulge. The only trouble is, Peter’s been missing for years…

new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Cajun Fried Felony

By Jana DeLeon

Inspired by a childhood spent traipsing around the bayou, New York Times-bestselling author Janet DeLeon’s Louisiana-set mystery series continues with Cajun Fried Felony. Troublemaker and scammer Venus Thibodeaux isn’t exactly well-liked in her hometown of Sinful, and is known for occasionally slipping off the grid completely. So when she disappears yet again, no one is concerned or surprised—until the woman’s body is discovered during the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Run. Suspicion points to a local man who swears he's innocent. Desperate to clear his name, the prime suspect hires CIA agent Miss Fortune to do some undercover digging. Miss Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie—otherwise known as Swamp Team 3—are on the case, and readers are in for a zany adventure through the bayou.

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new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Word to the Wise

By Jenn McKinlay

Library director Lindsey Norris has a wedding to plan, and the last thing she needs is some unwanted attention from town newcomer Aaron Grady. The gardening enthusiast is stirring up controversy with his overtly flirtatious behavior, and all of Briar Creek is starting to talk. But when her would-be suitor is found dead outside the library, Lindsey finds she has an even thornier problem on her hands. Lindsey’s fiancé Sully is the obvious suspect, and all clues are pointing to his guilt. Lindsey has to rely on the research skills gained during her tenure as a librarian to comb through Grady’s past and figure out who the real killer is—before the man of her dreams is locked up for a murder he didn’t commit.

new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Wonton Terror

By Vivien Chien

Foodies are in for a treat with this latest installment in the Noodle Shop Mystery series. Lana Lee, the proprietor of Ho-Lee Noodle House, has been looking forward to Cleveland’s Asian Night Market for months. The summer festival will be packed with customers and the innovative new food trucks that are giving more traditional establishments a run for their money. But the night ends in chaos when someone at the festival decides to kill the competition. When the truck housing Wonton on Wheels explodes, Lana puts her vacation plans on hold and her sleuthing skills to the test. With the help of her boyfriend, Detective Adam Trudeau, Lana cooks up a plan to find out whodunit.

new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

Bewitched and Betrothed

By Juliet Blackwell

Bay Area witch Lily Ivory finds herself puzzling over a supernatural mystery in this wickedly delightful cozy. When she’s not busy running her vintage boutique or resolving family drama (you know how covens are), Lily is planning her fast-approaching wedding ceremony. But her upcoming nuptials are threatened by a dangerous spirit currently haunting San Francisco. A high-level kidnapping and the discovery of a uniform once worn by an Alcatraz prisoner only confirm Lily’s fears. She’ll have to summon all her powers to crack the case.

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new cozy mysteries to crack open this fall

The Book Supremacy

By Kate Carlisle

Book-restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright returns to investigate another mysterious novel. Savoring their honeymoon, newlyweds Brooklyn and Derek are strolling along the Seine when Brooklyn spots a first-edition James Bond novel at a bookstall. The Spy Who Loved Me is the perfect gift for Derek, a former spy himself. The couple brings the book back to the states, where they learn that it’s much more valuable than they originally thought. Soon, a string of bizarre and violent incidents convinces them that somebody is willing to kill to get their hands on the book...

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