13 Riveting Reads for Mystery Fans and History Buffs Alike

Buckle up: you’re about to take a thrilling ride into the past.

Buy The Four Symbols at Amazon

The Four Symbols

By Giacometti & Ravenne

Buy A Lily of the Field at Amazon

A Lily of the Field

By John Lawton

Buy The Collaborators at Amazon

The Collaborators

By Reginald Hill

Buy A Death in Vienna at Amazon

A Death in Vienna

By Frank Tallis

Buy A Morbid Taste for Bones at Amazon

A Morbid Taste for Bones

By Ellis Peters

Buy Brandenburg Gate at Amazon

Brandenburg Gate

By Henry Porter

Buy Murder in the Lincoln White House at Amazon

Murder in the Lincoln White House

By C. M. Gleason

Buy Lusitania Lost at Amazon

Lusitania Lost

By Leonard Carpenter

Buy The Coronation at Amazon

The Coronation

By Boris Akunin

Buy Afternoons in Paris at Amazon

Afternoons in Paris

By Janice Law

Buy The Great Stink at Amazon

The Great Stink

By Clare Clark

Buy A Dangerous Fortune at Amazon

A Dangerous Fortune

By Ken Follett

Buy A Beautiful Poison at Amazon

A Beautiful Poison

By Lydia Kang